Step 2: Drill your tube!

Picture of Drill your tube!
• Time to drill your mailing tube. Mark off where your 4 holes will be for the skewers to live out the rest of their days. This is a wee bit tricky because of the curve of your tube. If you put them far enough apart it gives a little resistance which will help to steady your loom but if you put them too far apart then the skewers will snap and then you may or may not have a tiny itty bitty spastic fit and loose all control to the point of institutional living for a while and I would hate to think I drove you to it. Kind of……

• Then, if you have a tripod that still has the screw in the center to hold a camera, either take the screw out or mark your mailing tube on the underneath where it will be stationed on the tripod. This is just as a precaution and probably won’t even be used. Also, if you keep the screw you will need to mark your 4”X4” piece of wood or plastic for a hole in the middle as this will be resting on the very top of the tripod.

• Next you want to put on those special little safety glasses and get to drilling! All five holes need to be drilled in your mailing tube and one hole in your 4”X4” piece of wood/plastic. You want to choose a drill bit that is the size of your skewers or a tad smaller for your mailing tube and a bit larger than your screw for the 4”X4” piece of wood/plastic.