"Knight" Steampunk Object Art Custom Figure





Introduction: "Knight" Steampunk Object Art Custom Figure


This is the "Knight".

A custom, hand-made, figure with several different parts and materials, going from junk, old drawer pullers, nails, wire, painting, coral and stone beads, copper wire...and more !!!

For the last 5 years, I've been very into Object art, based on recyling junk or apparently useless stuff; mixing unusual other-use-specific parts - creating new items for an imaginative new world.

Take a look :) and see if you like it.

Thank you.



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    I want to check out your other post's but this one is pretty cool.....check out mine at remedios667 .....or bob667 on you tube

    This one is even cooler than the other one!

    :D Thanks again!!

    I love this one.

    It took 2 days to design, assemble and complete.
    I usually do "fast-projects"...else, I lose interest. :P

    Hey I saw your instructable to create a "nasty beetle" with the two pumpkin heads...the idea is just amazing.
    I see you are also very into turning specific stuff into other kind of creatures...isn't doing that GREAT ?!!? :D

    Thanks! And I agree, it is fun to make creatures out of everyday things!

    I think this looks REALLY good, despite again not knowing exactly why it's considdered Steam punk... but anyway, a nice I'ble :)