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I was so surprised when I found out nobody had done a DIY on knitting a mustache so I decided to do it myself. Who doesn't like mustaches?

The background yarn is yarn A and the mustache yarn B use any size knitting needles

Step 1:

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Cast on 29 stitches in yarn A

Step 2:

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Knit 4 A,10 B, 1 A, 10 B, 4 A

Step 3:

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Purl 2 A, 25 B, 2 A

Step 4:

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Knit 1 A, 27 B, 1 A

Step 5:

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Purl 1 A, 2 B, 1 A, 10 B, 1 A, 10 B, 1 A, 2 B, 1 A

Step 6:

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Knit 1 A, 1 B, 3 A, 8 B, 3 A, 8 B, 3 A, 1 B, 1 A

Step 7:

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Purl 6 A, 6 B, 5 A, 6 B, 6 A

Step 8:

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Knit 7 A, 4 B , 7 A, 4 B, 7 A

Step 9:

Purl the entire row in A
You can cut of yarn B, you don't need it any more.

Step 10:

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Cast off


seamster (author)2014-08-19

Cool! Looks great, thank you for sharing this!

(FYI, there are a few knitted mustaches out there, but yours is still great! :)

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