While completely impractical, this knitting project makes a very hilarious gift to a special someone who thinks you are completely nuts about knitting.

I started this project not knowing what it would turn out to be. I was just learning how to knit with 4 double pointed needles and i had wanted to make something bigger, but kept screwing up so I only casted on 12 stitches because I felt impatient. Being of an odd size, not big enough for a hand but too small for one finger, it was inevitable that it would become a condom.

Here's how I did it:
(size 8 double pointed needles + thin angora yarn)
Cast on 12 stitches, knit 29 rows, decrease by 2, knit another row, decrease by 3, knit one more row, decrease by 3 again, then knit your last 4 stitches for 2-3 rows, depending on how long you want the tip part to be. Cast off.
Realistically, this may be a little small. For a more realistic approach, try casting on maybe 13 or 14 stitches and knitting more rows, like about 38 or 40.

*I can't wait to see the look on my boyfriend's face when he sees this!

WARNING: this is not an effective method of birth control!!!
Omg show a pic of his reaction
<p>lovely idea . </p>
<p><font><font>c'est un peu g&ecirc;nant il faut un godemichet pour v&eacute;rifier si il est bien fait, de ce fait on se demande de qui on va rire</font></font></p>
<p>that is so cute, it kinda breaks my heart. What a warm idea, awwww. You better tell me the one you're giving this to will appreciate it with his whole heart. </p>
Heh Hehahaha!! That's wonderful! I made something along the same line many years ago for my then new husband. It was more of a &quot;sweater,&quot; and also covered his .. um .. ahem ..wrinklepurse. it had a drawstring to keep it all together and toasty. Heh! I used an assortment of bright colors, and it was truly a sight to behold.<br><br>Before he went off to &quot;deer camp&quot; for a week, I slipped it in between his underwear in his bag of packed clothes. He did NOT know it was there, and I was told that it caused great hilarity among his buddies, when he dumped his things out on his sleeping bag. He still gets teased occasionally to this day.<br>
Love your "warning"! :)
Lol im 13 and understand this without my parents talking about condoms and sex at all.. What has this world come to?
Very nice instructable my friend. I made a similar one of these earlier this year. Mine was made out of steel wool. Once you get past the initial pain and bleeding, the steel actually feels quite pleasurable, plus the cleanup afterwards is not messy. My next step is to try it with a woman. Hope she likes it!!!!
Okay. Now I had to try this, and I used a circle loom because it looked easier. but now i cant figure out how to taper the top into a condom shape. Help!
Switch to DPNs = Double Pointed Knitting Needles, then start decreasing row by row! <br>Have fun! :-)
I want to see the guy that actually uses it as a real condom
i know him he has a kid now
lol good one! <br />
I told my mom about this (she got a starter kit for knitting last x-mas) and she tried to knit it (although she didn't have the right size needles). Apparently, that has to do with size (I don't know anything about knitting) so the condom turned out to be REALLY small, and it was hilarious. To anyone considering doing this as a gag for next x-mas, DO IT!!!
realistically if u need this then its probably cold so it wouldnt need to be very big<br>lolz
my freind said he wanted to learn knitting so he could do just this.
"Ribbed for her pleasure!"
<strong>You win. Well done, sir! </strong><br/><br/>Also, someone needs to make a whole bunch and stick 'em on random things like statues and guns and fruit. Crap, I gotta learn how to knit.<br/>
Go for it i've got the yarn the best is <em>pink, fluffy</em> and <em><strong>SPARKLELY</strong></em>! :D
my rival school is the Trojans.... Lol the jokes we have... they painted our mustang statue balls blue
... but only if worn purl side out. :-)
Excellent =D<br/>
yeah, it looks like it needs A&nbsp;LOT&nbsp;of lube...<br />
it absorbs the lube as well
hahaha!!! it doesn't lokk very comfortable baut it's so cool.... XD LOL very nice, pretty and... warm XD<br />
&nbsp;you should try making a cozy for your balls next
I knew it would only be a matter of time before this stuff start popping up on instructables.
Yeah mate, I know what you mean. It's a slippery slope. Next thing you know we'll have self-righteous religious nutters imposing their moral values upon us.
Have you accepted Jesus as your savior. If not, hear me out. He died for you! (just kidding!)
yeah and now someone is going to make some thing on how to do a trick with the bible
maybe i should do it...... i know some pretty religious nuts
HEy i know how to kickflip on a bible!<br />
I'm very into Jesus and I don't think there's anything wrong with making clothes for a weenie. I'm surprised no one thought of it sooner, after all, when it gets cold enough things start falling off. <br />
cool pic you got
i want one! it get's cold at night over here...<br />
yay that would keep me warm lol&nbsp;
I've made a similar 'weinie warmer', with apron ties. Monogram them for a great gag gift. (no pun intended)
Hahahaha! Very creative :)
Nice one. xD
Umm... creative? ;) Really, the banana pic is disturbing :D
The Johnny Sweater
I LOVE IT! A little bigger and its the perfect 'lonely night' sock!
that is sick
eh, too small.
Totally impractical as many people are allergic to wool. too bad for me ;) but its an interesting idea, does it roll up?
Actually, angora yarn is spun from angora rabbit hair, not sheep's wool, so it's softer and doesn't contain the lanolin that irritates most people with wool issues. Other possibilities would be alpaca yarn or, for the ultimate in comfort and luxury, cashmere.