After searching around on the internet trying to find something to occupy my time during my time off during winter break, I stumbled across some of the most ornate cookies I had seen in my life.   They were cookies that appeared to have been knitted. Upon first glance I thought the cookies had been covered with some knitted pattern.  However, upon further inspection I realized that they had actually been decorated with frosting.  

So with tons of time on my hands, and it being too cold outside for me to venture out, I set out to decorate some cookies that would be  party stoppers.  

Inspired by My Little Bakery, I decided to make some of my own knitted cookies.

Step 1: Materials

Since this is a decorating instructable I am not going to go through baking the cookies.  Really any type of cookie works, my favorite being sugar cookies (really what better goes with royal icing then sugar cookies?).  Also, make sure you bake enough cookies because more likely than not you will makes many mistakes (at least until you get the hang of it).

The piping bag is not necessary, but is helpful for creating the grid.  A standard zip lock back works fine (I used zip lock bag to fill in the grids).
<p>Wow! Those are incredible! They really do look knitted.</p>
Wow! Unbelievable pretty!
there must be a better tip to do that with so you can do 5 lines at a time or something...if not...then I have a new product to make.
These are beautiful!
Incredible. Those straight lines must require a steady hand. You could have a second career as a brain surgeon.
Hi Adobi, I love this cookie design!
Congratulations for your Grand Prize in the Cookie Contest! Great work
Wow, those are really neat. Congrats on winning! Your cookies were one of my favorites in the contest.
I just got something similar from: http://www.yves-rocher.com.pl as a gift ;) But yours looks way more cool! :D
Oh my! What a very unique idea. Much painstaking work, but SO neat!
This would work so well with counted cross-stitch patterns too! Congratulations and well done!
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! <br>sunshiine
Wow... gorgeous... you must have a very steady hand!!!
They look great, but downside is that I wouldn't dare eat something that has been so much work to make...
These are gorgeous! If this wasn't in the food section I would have assumed this was a knitting project! Well done!
This is Art!
On my goodness! They look like they would take forever but they are just so darling!

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