Step 2: Creating Grid

Picture of Creating Grid
Once you have baked your cookies and have rested (room temperature), it is time to lay out your grid.

Before I go to far into this very complicated step, I will warn you making a royal icing grid is NOT easy, and will require lots of patience. With that said, I will also say that I being a novice at cookie decorating found creating the grid very doable, but don't be surprised if it takes a couple tries.  

Start by laying out the rows, slowly and smoothly.  If you make a mistake, just take a knife and scrape the line off.  Also, it helps if you raise the tip of the frosting up about an inch of the cookie and let it fall down onto the cookie (this will create straighter lines).

Once the rows are laid, take a break because it only gets harder from here...

Once you have laid down your rows, lay over the columns.  Unlike before, if you make a mistake with the columns, you can't scrap the column off (it'll destroy the row beneath it).  So be very careful laying down the columns, and don't rush it.  Your patience will be rewarded.  

Once you have successfully accomplished creating the grid, stand back and admire your work, the hard part is over!

Before you start the next part, let the grid dry for at least an hour.