This dishcloth is really fun and easy to make and for all those yarn over queens this is for you! Have a good time and keep diying

Step 1: What You Need

Cotton yarn
Knitting needles

Yo= yarn over
K1= knit one
K2=knit two
K2tog= knit two together

Step 2: Pattern

Cast on 4
K2 yo knit the rest
Repeat this until you have 40 loops on your needles


K1 K2tog yo K2tog then knit the rest of the row. Repeat until only 4 loops left then bind off

Step 3: It Is Pretty Simple

Have a good time and I hope these are useful
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All you have to do to yarn over is wrap your yarn around the needle that has the complete stitches
Hi, can't wait try this. Have been a long time beginner knitter for 8 years. Learning continental by myself. I have to learn "yarn over"!

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