Knit Hats and Stuff


Introduction: Knit Hats and Stuff

Stuff I've been making while stuck indoors in Washington State!



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    These are so cute!  Great past time for Washington state in the winter.  If it were not raining there how many things would you be making?  I lived there for 20 years!  I am in sunny country now but I do miss all my pals and the kewl places to shop. 

    You are PROLIFIC! I 2nd the idea of sharing some patterns (please!).

    They are very beautiful. Can you share some patterns/instructions?

    I just joined up. Really want to see your hats but can't get the slideshow to work. Any suggestions? thanks.

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    Hi lydiacookie...sorry about the slideshow...I checked into it and well...I'm not sure what's goin' on! I think I have it fixed, but just to be sure I wrote a note to the Instructables staff for help! Thanks so much for writing and letting me know! xoxo Lou

    Great job! I might show this stuff to my aunt later (party today, a friend from Australia is visiting!), she loves to knit.

    Those are fantastic! I love the felting. Did you use any particular pattern for the felted collars/neckwarmers at the end? I really like that look.