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Introduction: Knit Leia Wig

I designed this knit Leia Wig pattern for myself. The knitting pattern and sewn fleece version is now available through my online etsy store. The brown knit wig was a comission for Carrie Fisher's birthday.



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is there a pattern for crocheters because i dont know how to knit

oh, if i was a better knitter, i would make theese for my friends then have a princess leia party. best party ever.

well you dont have buy the pattern anyway it looks pretty simple to make the side pieces are just rolled up sew tubes

why is this on instructables. your not really instructing anything its cool and all and i am a huge fan of starwars but more than anything this is an advertisement.

Oy. Vey. Why are n00bs always trashing up the Internet with their fake laws? I'm (and several other 'ibles members are) just sick of it. Please, read all FAQs and policies before saying or doing anything that might be just a wee bit offensive! And, while I'm at it, please take the time to punctuate, you're in no hurry. Please note that I am asking nicely.

Please read the FAQ. This is a perfect example of a slideshow.

if you read the way to make instructables, it says you can make a slideshow just to show off what you have made.don't be so mean about your comments next time

Help her, Obi-wan Kenobi... You're her only hope... Instructable... pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

Can you knit me a bullfighters cap?

Why does this make me think of a bull cap, with horns and all?