Knit Summer Dresses





Introduction: Knit Summer Dresses

These are summer dresses I made out of I love this cotton yarn and about a 1/2 yard of cotton fabric.

Origionaly i found this cute summer dress pattern The Two Summer Sundress by Natalie Larson on Ravelry and made three matching ones for some friends.  In the pictures these are the ones with purple skirts. I was having so much fun with the pattern that i came up with some variations of my own.  One has buttons down the back and the other is Smocked.  I didnt have anyone to give them too so i just put them in my hope chest to lay in wait for my future children.




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Beautiful! What pattern is the red and blue dress at the top?

oh yeah the baby in the far picture is the one who's b-day party i went to she can still where that dress she just un crosses the straps so its longer. I think its so neat. and they are super easy to knit up.

Your dresses are adorable. I will definitely be making this for my girls. Thanks for the idea.

oops. My daughter was logged in and I didn't realize it =) It was me that made that comment.

this time it is me those are so cute. looken forward to when my mom uses your idia to make me a dress.