Knit Yarn and Chainmaille Bracelet



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Introduction: Knit Yarn and Chainmaille Bracelet

This instructable is about how to make this little contrivance the "Knit-maille" bracelet..Which combines knitting with chainmaille to make it comfortable to wear.

Step 1: What You'll Want in Tools

Tools needed...

2 pliers

3/8 inch open jump rings

3/8 inch closed jump rings

#4 knitting needles


T Clasp and Round

Optional 4.5 mm crochet hook if you want

Step 2: Cast on

Cast on your knitting however you prefer

Knit the first row I went up to 25 stitches for this experiment

Step 3: Add the Rings

For each knit stitch add a ring

Knit through the ring then keep going one ring one stitch and so on

Step 4: Add More Rings

After the first row of rings knit the next row without any rings

Then return to the one ring one stitch do that all the way to the end

When that's completed push the rings to one side,doesn't matter which,so that they're all on one side

Step 5: Link Together

With the open 3/8 inch jump rings link them together to stablize them this version I linked 4 together but you can use any version you prefer...this point if you wanna you can add beads.

Step 6: Add Your Clasp

Add the clasp and you are done... enjoy



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