Introduction: Knit Your Own Tardis Slippers

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Too cold to travel through time and space? You need slippers.

Your feets need a companion? You need slippers.

Too cold to just sit and watch Doctor Who? You need slippers.

These slippers are pretty easy, and not much bigger on the inside. These finished slippers are not non-slip. You can spray a non-slip surface on the sole, or just not wear these on super slippery surfaces like shiney tiles. I wear mine all over the house, brilliant on carpet, and genius for slipping inside ones crocs to pop outside.

There are 3 sizes of slippers here. Sizes are approximate, as everyone has a slightly different tension. Different sizes are written as Small (Medium, Large). Where only 1 instruction is given, this is the same for all sizes.
Small - up to size EU 38 Medium - up to size EU 42 Large - up to size EU 46

You will need: 4mm straight needles 8ply yarn in blue, with small amounts of white and black yarn. Darning needle

Remember to make 2 slippers.....

Step 1: Beginning in the Heel Section....

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Cast on 33 (35, 37) stitches.
Row A: Knit all stitches Row B: Knit 10 (11, 12), purl 1, Knit 10 (11, 12), purl 1, Knit 10 (11, 12)

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until you have finished 38 (40, 42) rows.

Now we are working on the toe section that closes in when sewn. Place a marker in the side of the knitting to indicate the end of the sewing up on the top of the foot if you wish.

Step 2: The Section With Your Toes in It.....

Picture of The Section With Your Toes in It.....

Row C: Row A: Knit all stitches
Row D: Purl 11 (12, 13), Knit 10 (11, 12), purl 11 (12, 13)

Complete Row C and Row D twice (4 rows in total)

Now you are ready to introduce the white yarn for the windows. You can either carry the blue yarn across the back of your knitting (as I have done) or you can wind small balls of blue and white. For this you would need 3 blue balls and 2 white ones.

Row E: Knit 1 blue, knit 8 (9, 10) white, knit 14 (15, 16) blue, knit 8 (9, 10) white, knit 1 blue Row F: Purl 1 blue, purl 8 (9, 10) white, purl 2 blue, knit 10 (11, 12) blue, purl 2 blue, knit 8 (9, 10) white, knit 1 blue

Complete Row E and Row F, then an additional row E. You now are on the inside (or the ugly side) of the slipper.

Complete a row D (which has all the stitches in Blue btw)

Knit Row F, then Row E and finally an additional Row F. (you now have the right, or outside, side facing again)

Complete Row C and Row D twice (4 rows in total)

Change to black yarn. Complete Row C and Row D twice in black yarn. (4 rows in total)

Change back to blue yarn. Complete Row C and Row D 3 times (6 rows in total

Knit 2 together over the whole next row, knitting the last stitch.

Purl the whole row.

Cut yarn with about 30-35cm remaining on the tail. Thread the tail through the remaining stitches. Pull tight.

Step 3: And Finishing Touches and Sewing Up the Slippers....

Picture of And Finishing Touches and Sewing Up the Slippers....

Stitch up the top of the slipper by pulling the long tail tight, and stitching from the toe up to the markers you placed in the knitting. If you chose not to do this, sew up until you reach the garter stitch section.

Using the tail at the start, stitch up the back of the heel as shown in the photograph.

Thread blue yarn onto your darning needle. Overstitch 3 bars of blue on the white panels to create windows.

Embroider “Police Box” in white yarn on the black section.


mojokoping (author)2016-08-06

why can you not download patterns ?

saNTa863 (author)mojokoping2017-11-30

Just click print on your browser's printer option. (If you have Microsoft edge-the 3 dots on the top right, then click on print)

Juanamac (author)mojokoping2016-08-06

You can download a PDF with a pro account. Otherwise it's just a case of veiwing online.

midiansangel (author)2016-12-23

These are so cool

gmwheating made it! (author)2016-11-24


I already know how to make slippers but love your idea for Tardis Slippers. I think these will make a perfect Christmas gift for my sister. I have figured out a method to make nicer heels for your slippers.

I start with casting on 23 stitches. The first row is k10 p1 k1 p1 k10. For the second row I knit both the front and back of the knit in-between the purls to increase it to two. ie k10 p1 k2 p1 k10. Next I increase on the first and last of the in-between knits in this case both of them. ie k10 p1 k4 p1 k10. And so on until you have 10 knits between the purls, or the slipper is the desired width. This makes for a nice rounded heel once you sew the sides up.

I've added a photo from an old set I made a while ago. Hopefully it's helpful.

Also bow ties are cool......

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