I was in a yarn store a week or two ago and overheard someone asking for a pattern for a scarf. It was all I could do not to say, you don't need a pattern for a scarf! Cast on until it's wide enough, then knit until it's long enough! Done! But I was good.

Hats are slightly more complicated if you want a nice round bit at the top, but not so much that you really need a pattern for them either. If you've done a little knitting, and know how to knit, purl, cast on, etc., a patternless hat is well within your skill level. A bit of math and a swatch, and you're golden. Here's how.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

You'll need yarn and circular needles at a reasonable size, and some double-pointed in the same size (or close, no more than a size off in either direction). A tapestry needle is nearly but not quite necessary for hiding the yarn tails when you're done.

Depending on the particulars of your yarn, you will almost certainly need just one ball. Check the yardage on the ball so you know whether you need to adjust your calculations. My yarn came in balls of 100 meters.
Nice! I admire people who can knit. I always get mad and quit in the middle of something like this. :D
I have tried many times to knit a larger project than hats or scarves, but I only once completed a full sweater. And it didn't even have sleeves! I'm trying again now, actually, in another colorway of this yarn which I really love. We'll see how far I get!
not to be a fact nazi, but wouldn't a sweater without sleeves be a vest?<br>PS: thanks for the knitting 'ible, I learned how in 7th grade but I could only do the garter stitch, and i forgot most of it.
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I guess how much you need a pattern depends on the complexity of the finished project. A candle-flame lace scarf for example.
I hope this doesn't sound too silly, but is there an instructable that shows the basic knitting stitches?
Indeed. Rachel also posted <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Knit/">how to knit</a>. <br/>
Thank you. Got it.
Nice work! I love the colours you used.
I've only done a tad of knitting in da round. I made one sleeve of a sweater. woo. haha. Love the earth tones. yay nature.

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