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As I knitter, I decided to make a knitted heart for St. Valentine's Day. You can use any yarn you like and any size needles, depending on how large you want the heart to be. I used fairly small needles, but the sky's the limit, althouth probably too big would look a bit weird! The pattern and number of rows stays the same no matter what yarn or needles you use - so go ahead, have fun. Honestly it took me longer to put together the slide show than to knit the heart! I am going to stick my little heart onto a folded card - eh voila, an instant Valentine Card! This was knitted in Lion Brand Woolease (a lovely yarn to work with by the way) in red. I also knitted another heart in Woolease red and white together, but it was a bit of a waste of time!
The heart shaped knit was made from a pattern from the Lion Brand web site and knitted with one strand of Homespun and one strand of Woolease in shades of red.


gskelton (author)2012-11-22

A really neat idea!

theprincessgeek (author)2011-10-10

Found the pattern:

This is so super cute. I think I'm going to do this in the next beret I make.

Nicky35747 (author)2010-09-25

I noticed that there is a mess-up in row 6. What is it actually supposed to say?

henderslu (author)2009-02-04

I would LOVE to knit this (like, at least 12 before Valentine's Day), but cannot find the pattern on the LION's Band website..HELP!

stinkymum (author)henderslu2009-02-06

The pattern's actually in the slide show, you would have to freeze frame it and copy.

henderslu (author)stinkymum2009-02-06

Thanks, I have been using it, but cannot print it off. The page prints, but the pattern is blank. I am tying up my computer to knit a little pattern that has now taken close to an hour to get half-way! Is there some 'special way to copy and print. So far, the pattern emerging is quite pretty - and simple to do. I WILL get faster!

reno_dakota (author)2008-02-25

Neat! That does make a great little valentine's card.

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