As I knitter, I decided to make a knitted heart for St. Valentine's Day. You can use any yarn you like and any size needles, depending on how large you want the heart to be. I used fairly small needles, but the sky's the limit, althouth probably too big would look a bit weird! The pattern and number of rows stays the same no matter what yarn or needles you use - so go ahead, have fun. Honestly it took me longer to put together the slide show than to knit the heart! I am going to stick my little heart onto a folded card - eh voila, an instant Valentine Card! This was knitted in Lion Brand Woolease http://cache.lionbrand.com//yarns/woolease.htm (a lovely yarn to work with by the way) in red. I also knitted another heart in Woolease red and white together, but it was a bit of a waste of time!
The heart shaped knit was made from a pattern from the Lion Brand web site http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/BK4K-0602002.html?noImages=0 and knitted with one strand of Homespun and one strand of Woolease in shades of red.
A really neat idea!
Found the pattern: http://alliknitts.blogspot.com/2007/07/miniature-knitting-challenge.html<br><br>This is so super cute. I think I'm going to do this in the next beret I make.
I noticed that there is a mess-up in row 6. What is it actually supposed to say?
I would LOVE to knit this (like, at least 12 before Valentine's Day), but cannot find the pattern on the LION's Band website..HELP!
The pattern's actually in the slide show, you would have to freeze frame it and copy.
Thanks, I have been using it, but cannot print it off. The page prints, but the pattern is blank. I am tying up my computer to knit a little pattern that has now taken close to an hour to get half-way! Is there some 'special way to copy and print. So far, the pattern emerging is quite pretty - and simple to do. I WILL get faster!
Neat! That does make a great little valentine's card.

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