Picture of Knit a Round Purple Dish Cloth
Over 10 years ago a friend brought me a pattern for a round, knitted dish cloth, and challenged me to figure it out.  I was already love to the idea of knitted dish clothes so I accepted the challenge.  It took me a while to figure out what the pattern was trying to get me to do.  When the first one was done, it was lovely and I started to make them exclusively.  This pattern is an easy pattern, that works from the center to the outer edge and a seam is sewn to close the circle. Since I already had purple 100% cotton worsted weight yarn, this one will be purple.    So onward to knitting a lovely purple dish cloth.
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Step 1:

Picture of
30 gr. 100% cotton worsted weight yarn
Size 7 knitting needles
Yarn needle (Not shown)

k – knit
co – cast on
bo – bind off
T – turn
k1f&b – knit one front and back (a form or increase, you end up with 2 stitches from the one stitch)
R – right needle
L– left needle
st – stitch

Step 2:

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Co 15 st, T, leave a 3 inch tail.

Step 3:

Picture of
Row 1 – k15 (from now on all odd numbered rows will be knitting all stitches to the end of the needle), T

Step 4:

Picture of

Row 2 – *k1, k1f&b, k12 (L1, R15,or in other words, your left needle will have 1 st on it and your right needle will have 15 st on it) T
Row 3 – k15, T

Step 5:

Picture of
Row4 – k1, k1f&b, k12 (L2, R15) T
Row 5 – k15, T

Step 6:

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Row 6 – k1, k1f&b, k12 (L3, R15) T
Row 7 – k15, T

Step 7:

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Row 8 – bo3, k1f&b, k9 (L4, R12) T
Row 9 – k12, T

Step 8:

Picture of
Row 10 – k1, k1f&b, k9 (L5, R12) T
Row 11 – k 12, T

Step 9:

Picture of
Row 12 – k1, k1f&b, k9 (L6, R12) T
Row 13 – k12, T

Step 10:

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Row 14 – bo3, k1f&b, k6 (L7, R 9)T
Row 15 – k9, T

I found someone on Etsy selling this pattern. I've bookmarked it if you want to find them.

nnacky noo made it!1 month ago
Figured out where to repeat the pattern from. Went wrong a couple of times but not bad for my second time following a pattern!
craftknowitall (author)  nnacky noo1 month ago
It looks great! This is my favorite dish cloth. Thanks for sharing.
nnacky noo1 month ago

At the end of the first section, it says repeat from *-*. I can't find the first asterix.

craftknowitall (author)  nnacky noo1 month ago
Try it now, in step 4. Thanks for commenting.
If you only do 4 sections, bind it off and sew it together, it make a very cute baby hate
And I still ended up with 14 at the end
craftknowitall (author)  thatcraftygirl1 year ago
I don't under stand where you are in the pattern. At any one time you will have a total of 15, or 16 or 17 or 18 stitches on both needles. If you only have 14 either you started out with 14 instead of 15 stitches or your lost a stitch somewhere.
I keep getting 8 on the right instead of 9
Mihsin1 year ago
Could be used as coasters.
craftknowitall (author)  Mihsin1 year ago
A lilttle large for coasters, so use the same pattern, but thinner yarn and smaller needles- smaller result =coaster. Enjoy!
foobear1 year ago
Very cute! Sounds like a fun pattern to try out :)