Step 3: Casting on and Knitting

Ok here comes the fun part. If you have a big head like me, cast on about 70 stitches. But I recommend to cast on about 60-45 stitches. The knitting will cause the hat to stretch so don't really worry about it.

Knitting: I don't want to write the knitting jargon not only to confuse noobs but they confuse me too.

Knit one and purl one until the end of the row. That's it.
Then when you knit the other row make sure you knit the purled stitches and purl the knitted stitches.

Do this until the hat is about 5 to 6 inches long. Then remove the stitches by taking two off each end. You do this by taking two loops and knit (or purl) instead of one. So that when you are finished with that row, row X, will have 68 instead of 70 stitches.

Remove the stitches every four to five rows until the hat is about 8-9 inches complete. I wanted my hat to be a little short, like Zissou so I left it about 8 inches long.

Cast off the hat and you should have a hat that looks like a bell shape.
I'm going to make one of these for my Boy, who is also a huge Zissou fan. He'll be stoked... thanks!
I made a hat based off of this, although I changed it a little bit, but I can't remember what I did differently. It turned out nicely!
This was a great instructable - Thank you! I wish more guys didn't knitting was a 'girl' thing to do. You're way ahead of me - she of the scarves
i LOVE this hat, and damn right: knitting is for everybody!! Feeling inspired? Check out this awesome male-crocheter, he let me use a lot of his awesome homemade patterns. Everything from hackey sacks to beanies, check him out! <a rel="nofollow" href="http://barney.gonzaga.edu/~aburton/crochet2.html">http://barney.gonzaga.edu/~aburton/crochet2.html</a><br/>
well the ones made in target are not made with love
pretty cool but the movie hat looks like the ones u buy from target.
Everyone bro should knit. Damn, I need to watch that movie again now. lol.
awesome! looks cool
thanks. to make a sweater requires more skill. but yeah its all knitting. first you make the front. then the back. then the two sleeves and sew it up. of course it will require a lot more yarn and i can hear the jack whales singing
i LOVE the orange sweater from the BOURNE IDENTITY. could this method be applied to making that? and if so, think you could post an instructable :-D . thanks. nice instructable.
LOL. no but actually that looks good, and quality, if i made a hat it would be black :-) P.S. Who the F%#k is Steve Zissou :-P?

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