I followed a pattern that i found in one of my grandma's diaries. I don't know if this was copied from a book/magazine, but i made a few variations and i think it has turned out well.
Here are the easiest version of the instructions.
Required things:
Two balls of yarn (lightweight cotton) in two different colours
Circular needle size 4
Regular needles size 7
Yarn needle
Measuring tape

Step 1: Measure and Start

Measure yourself around the head (Look at pics to see where to measure)
My head measured 20 inches so i cast on 74 stitches and this fit perfectly. So please calculate accordingly (I am bad at maths)
Cast on 74 stitches on the size 7 needles and do the rib stitch for about 6 to 8 rows (1 inch).

KNIT 1, PURL 1 (continue in this manner....always start with knit)
I like the unique pleats style at the top!
Thank you.

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