Here is a last minute Mother's Day gift, suitable for any "mum", mom, auntie or Grandma. It's a tiny knitted flower pin bouquet, which I am sure will be loved because it is home made

Step 1: Things You Will Need

This bouquet is knitted on 3mm needles with oddments of yarn in suitable colours that you may have in your yarn stash (if you have one, like I do!)

You can use any colours!
<p>Wonderful Idea! I can't wait to make it for Mother's Day tomorrow (Or in the US the day after tomorrow.) (: </p>
I live in Pakistan and here it is also day after tommorrow
looks hard as i have never tried crochet before
I think we use 'bind off' in the US cause it's less easy for the abbreaviations 'BO' and 'CO' (bind off and cast on) to get mixed up then it is for 'CO' and 'CO' (cast off and cast on)
I'm going to save this for my daughter for next time she needs to raise money at school for the &quot;missions&quot;. Quick and simple and the knitters can knit and the other girls can put them together.<br />
I like that... just one more thing for me to try - not enough hours in a day! Thanks for inspiration.
This an <em>amazing</em> idea. well done :)<br/>I tried it, but as I've just started kniiting, I couldn't understand it and went wrong. haha!<br/>But I'm gona' keep trying!<br/>
I am so TOTALLY charmed by this project! Thank you for sharing.
That is just darling! I'm going to have to get knitting meetup to come over here and look at this. Just as cute as a button! Congrats!
I wish I could Knit as good as you.
all you need is lots of practice. I've been knitting since I was five years old (and that's a very long time now!)
I have been Knitting since 12, so about 3 years ago. I have lots of homework so I barely get to practice. But I rejuvenated the Knitter in my Grandma!
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