Retiring some old t-shirts? Not sure what to do with them? Why not cut them up to use in place of yarn for knitting?

Step 1: What You Need

First and foremost, you need to know how or be willing to learn how to knit. For beginners, I recommend the learning to knit section of KnittingHelp.com. They have a lot of excellent instructional videos.

Other than that, the list of supplies is very short:
- At least one large t-shirt* you are willing to bid farewell (One men's large to x-large t-shirt makes one potholder, so how many you need really depends on what you are making)
- Scissors
- Large knitting needles, at least US size 13, 9.0mm (I'm using US size 19, 15mm)

* T-shirt type note: Best to use are ones with no or at least not 'heavy' graphics and ones that have no seams down the side (the body of the fabric is a seamless tube).
That's like one of the projects I was going to post. Kudos.
Great minds think alike. :)
Nice idea! Have you had a chance to explore knitting more than a pot holder yet? Though, t-shirts sound like perfect materiel for pot holders. Nice and thick.
Thanks. I was about halfway done with a scarf when I realized I didn't have enough time to finish before the deadline for the T-Shirt Contest, so I unraveled it and quickly made the potholder. This actually works out better because I have too many scarfs and never enough potholders. The scarf would have been nice and warm though. I think a hat would have been good too.

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