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This is a really simple way to reuse an everyday item that usually goes to land fill.  I have also made these scrubbing pads from old plastic shopping bags.  As long as you can knit you can make one to (I taught myself to knit to be able to make theses). 

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Just follow along these simple steps in the picture above.  Make sure you take your time at first as it can be a little fiddly.  Also I would suggest using wooden knitting needles if you have them as they will give you better grip and in this case bigger is better, don't uses needles much smaller than 7.5.  In step 11 I only cast on 10 stitches as this is a good length for my brush handle, but I also knit scrubbing pads 20x15 and use them as they are. 

Step 2:

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Here is my very clean plate being cleaned some more :).  I fine that I make a new scrubbing pad every 2 months or so as just like other bought products as it gets a bitt tatty. Don't forget to clean it out and recycle it appropriately.  The plastic that I used in this one is HDPE and can be recycled in Australia.


auntiemichal (author)2015-01-27

In step 7, you say to cut 2mm strips of mesh. Don't you mean 2 CM? And are your knitting needles 7.5 mm? This is a great idea. I'll have to try it. Thanks!

caitlinwood (author)auntiemichal2016-05-31


Sorry I didn't reply, I was a novice at instructables and didn't know how to. Yes you are correct 2cm strips and the knitting needles were 7.5mm

Im still making the scrubbbing pads, I hope you did have a go at making your own.

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