The cake may have been a lie, but the cube is real. Do you miss your cube and can't wait for Portal 2? If so, then why not make your very own companion. And there's no need to throw this one in the incinerator.


An intermediate knowledge of knitting, you will need to be able to increase, decrease, cast on at the beginning of a row, pick up stitches and to knit intarsia or embroider over stitches to look like intarsia. A basic knowledge of how cubes are constructed is also useful.


Dark Grey –about 300g 12ply acrylic (I had to buy 2 x 200g balls, but I didn't use a lot from the second ball)

Light Grey – about 400g

Pink – small amount (I didn't actually have pink in 12 ply, so I used 2 strands of 8ply for the pink)

Stuffing material, I used a bit over 1kg of polyfill.

Finished Size

Using 12 ply yarn and 5mm needles, the finished cube is about 45cm across. You could use 8ply yarn and smaller needles (3mm maybe) and the result will be smaller and will probably use less yarn, but I haven’t had a chance to see the results yet.
At the time of writing this, I have a smaller cube close to being finished. Using 8 ply yarn and 3.25mm needles, the cube looks like it will be about 25cm across and has used 1 x 100g ball of dark grey.

Abbreviations etc.

St st – Stocking stitch

k1 –knit 1

sl 1 – slip 1 stitch

psso – pass slipped stitch over

k2tog – knit 2 together

p2tog – purl 2 together

All instructions to increase and decrease mean increase or decrease 1 stitch in either first stitch (beginning of row) or last stitch (end of row)

All pieces are worked in stocking stitch throughout.

Numbers in brackets at the end of instructions refer to the number of stitches you should have after finishing that row.

Step 1: Sides

Sides (make 6)

*worked in st st throughout

Using 5mm needles and dark grey yarn, cast on 16 stitches.

Work 7 rows  st st beginning with a knit row

Next 2 rows: Increase both ends (20)

Next 2 rows: Cast on 2 stitches at beginning of row and increase at end. (26)

Row 12: Increase at end of row (27)

Row 13: Increase at both ends of row (29)

Row 14: Increase at beginning of row (30)

Row 15: Increase at both ends (32)

Next 4 rows: Increase at end (36)

Row 20: Purl

Next 2 rows: Increase at beginning of row (38)

Cast on 5 stitches at the beginning of the next 2 rows (48)

Work 20 rows

Cast off 5 stitches at the beginning of the next 2 rows (38)

Row 47: Decrease at both ends (36)

Row 48: Purl

Repeat rows 47 and 48 two more times (32)

Decrease at both ends of next 2 rows (28)

Row 55: Knit

Row 56: Cast of 2 stitches at beginning of row and decrease at end (25)

Next 2 rows: Decrease both ends (21)

Row 59: Cast of 2 stitches at beginning of row and decrease at end (18)

Row 60: Decrease both ends (16)

Work 6 rows

Cast off all stitches.

Using pink yarn, embroider a chain from top to bottom between the middle two stitches.

Mark the centre line across from one side to the other and embroider a chain across this line.

This is honestly the coolest thing I have ever seen. You may be the best knitter in the entire world. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
Aww shucks, thank you
<p>Oh wow, That came out Great! Love portal!</p>
I am a fan of Portal! When I saw this I was just shocked. Thank you so much!
How did you do the heart in the middle? I'm an amateur and I don't have much experience with patterns like that. I know slip stitch, but that's about it.
The heart is done using intarsia. Basically, you have bobbins with the different coloured yarn on them. You knit using the graph and when you get to the beginning of the heart, you join in the pink but don't break off the grey. Then you would have another bobbin of grey yarn, so each section of colour is worked from a separate bobbin or ball of yarn.<br> There is a simple intarsia instructable here <a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Doves-intarsia-tutorial/">http://www.instructables.com/id/Doves-intarsia-tutorial/</a>
can this be translated in to crochet <br>
I don't crochet, so I really couldn't say. I've seen things that were crocheted in different shapes, so I guess it's possible. Maybe someone who does crochet might be able to help.<br><br>Norma
maybe someone on here could do it for me because idk how <br>
hi there, check this site for a crochet version, its slightly different but still looks ace :) enjoy http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=234375.0
:-) <br>Thank you
Awww, so plush looking! And you'll never have to<sub> </sub><sup>eu</sup><strong>than</strong><sub><sup><em>ize </em></sup></sub>it :D
I don't knit, but this is amazing. If it could talk, it'd be even awesome-er! You've got my vote!
Thank you. <br>mmm, a voice chip. Now why didn't I think of that in the two weeks I was madly knitting lol. My daughter likes it anyway.. it makes her happy!

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