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Introduction: Knitted Dog Leash

My great granddaughter models the hat that I knit her from sensations tesoro wool. This hat was for 3 to 9 months. However, it is so soft and stretchy it will fit her for the rest of the season. The knit cords really excited me.
I dug out the rug yarn that I had left over from years gone by and proceeded to make a leash for my dog. Starting at the hand held part of the leash I cast on 3 stitches on a double pointed needle, size 5 ½ metric (9 American). K3, do not turn, slide the stitches to the opposite end of the needle. Repeat until your work measures the length you desire allowing for a knot at the hand held end so that your hand does not slip when holding your pet. Attach a snap securely by knitting through the loop on the snap. Cut yarn, thread yarn needle with yarn end and slip the 3 stitches onto yarn needle. Draw up tightly and secure. There is a bit of stretch to the leash and it is very soft so that it is easy on your hand.



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That's a great idea. I'm going to make it for my son's dog,he's a silver lab.How about making an indistructable dog toy or ball? He ruins the store bought toys in about day.

Making a few cords and then braiding them would be good too(or one long one you "finger crochet" together) i.e. our large dog would be best served with a more sturdy leash. OTH- If you knit it a from bulky yarn and i-cord knit a bit loosely and its is from "shrinkable wool" you can toss it in the washing machine ( hot) and full/felt it into a very durable item. I also do the latter to make cute decorative-only collars for our therapy dog 'visits". good job here-

Hi there! I was directed to this site specifically for the dog leash project by a guide at I'm anxious to make it!! I'm a self-taught knitter and only just learned i-cord last week. This pattern seems fairly simple however I'm unclear on how to attach the clip. Would you be able to offer me a little more insight on that? I would so much appreciate it! Sincerest regards, jkell27

You would well advised to find a clip on a ring- maybe even one that swivels. I’d taper the end( or draw the yarn through) and crochet or sew it to be very secure. through,ie secure it via sewing to a more substantial part of the leash/lead. If doing the felting/ fulling attach first. Experiment with a sample - until you feel good about it. Good luck!!

really cute baby and great looking dog. overall... 5 STARS!!

Hey Mom, nice hat you made for the baby.

Your dog (and baby) is cute!
Very cute. ;-)