Knitted Edible Underwear





Introduction: Knitted Edible Underwear

Make this Valentines Day unforgettable.  Combine your love of sweets with lingerie by knitting a pair of edible underwear to wear for that special someone.

Don't know how to knit?  I have posted a series of basic knitting tutorials.

Step 1: Materials

All you need is Licorice Laces.  You can find them in most specialty candy shops.  I bought 1/2 lb. worth of candy laces, between eating the candy as I worked and messing up a couple times this was more than enough.

I could only find laces that were 36" long so in order to knit them I had to fuse them together (next step.)

Step 2: Making Your 'Yarn'

Put a pan on the stove and heat it on low heat.

To start wrap one lace around each hand leaving a short tail.

Heat each tail on the pan for 3-4 seconds to get them warm.  Lift them off the pan and pinch the ends together.

Now that the ends are slightly attached, put them back on the pan for a second making sure the ends are touching.

Repeat last step 4-5 times, only leaving the ends on the pan for a second.  While they are on the pan press the ends together (be careful - I used my fingers to press them together, but if you want to be safe you can use a spoon).  When you lift the ends off the pan pinch them together with your fingers.

When done, let the ends cool for a minute.

Attach all the ends together to make your yarn.

Step 3: Knitting Pattern

This is for the crotch part.  Knitting the laces works the same as knitting yarn.

I used size 17 needles and my gauge was approx. 2-3 stitches per 1"

Cast on 8 stitches
r1-r5: k8
r6: k2tog, k4, k2tog
r7: k6
r8: k2tog, k2, k2tog
r9-r10: k4
r11: k2tog, k2tog
r12: k2

Break the yarn off leaving about 4 inches.  Weave the end in.

[I apologize for not taking pictures while I knit - I got distracted with making my pattern]

Step 4: Braiding Belt

For the belt you will be making a braid, so we need to attach 3 pieces of candy laces to the top corner of the crotch.

Use a measuring tape to measure your waist.  We will call this measurement x.  

Take a piece of candy lace that's 2x + 10" and another that is x + 10".

Take the piece that is 2x and loop it through one of the corner stitches at the top of the crotch piece.  You want the center of the 2x piece to be touching the corner - thus, the 2x piece is folded in half.

Take the second piece that's size x, and tie a knot with it around the corner stitch that the 2x piece was looped through.

You should now have three pieces.  Braid them together until your braid is the same length as your waist measurement.  Wait to attach this end of the braid to the other end of the crotch until you put them on. 

Step 5: Crotch

Loop another piece of candy lace through the bottom stitch of the crotch.  This will be the thong part.



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    Can't knit worth spit. I'm knitless, a knitwit. Would weaving work, and if so, how? What would change with the male version?
    (This is just the slightly off center stuff we enjoy.)
    Nice 'ible! :)

    Like how to lengthen the "laces" in warm pan, great idea! Fun 'ible ;)

    Wanted to mention, if you can't knit, this could probably be crocheted.

    Cool, kinky fun...
    Gotta try this (for both of us)!

    it looks delicious


    Doesn't leave much to the imagination, huh?

    Personally, I think leaving it to the imagination is over rated. :)

    You could probably make a top in the same way... That would be pretty cool too!