Picture of Knitted Edible Underwear
Make this Valentines Day unforgettable.  Combine your love of sweets with lingerie by knitting a pair of edible underwear to wear for that special someone.

Don't know how to knit?  I have posted a series of basic knitting tutorials.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
All you need is Licorice Laces.  You can find them in most specialty candy shops.  I bought 1/2 lb. worth of candy laces, between eating the candy as I worked and messing up a couple times this was more than enough.

I could only find laces that were 36" long so in order to knit them I had to fuse them together (next step.)

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Advar1 year ago
Can't knit worth spit. I'm knitless, a knitwit. Would weaving work, and if so, how? What would change with the male version?
(This is just the slightly off center stuff we enjoy.)
Nice 'ible! :)
maltesergr83 years ago
Like how to lengthen the "laces" in warm pan, great idea! Fun 'ible ;)

Wanted to mention, if you can't knit, this could probably be crocheted.

ethiran3 years ago
bad picture
Advar3 years ago
Cool, kinky fun...
Gotta try this (for both of us)!
usherkid4 years ago
it looks delicious
Vinsu4 years ago
inventor724 years ago
goood (antonym)
Doesn't leave much to the imagination, huh?
Personally, I think leaving it to the imagination is over rated. :)
Sunbanks4 years ago
You could probably make a top in the same way... That would be pretty cool too!
Sugar-free candy laces might be preferable considering various horrible things that might happen otherwise...
Generally i agree you should make it sugar free candy laces. In reality, this probably isn't something that you'd wear all day before whatever it's intent is. But generally, sugar+humidity fuels bacterial growth. Not "horrible" things but unpleasant infection, yes.
Yeast infections aren't generally the end of the world, but they can certainly ruin a weekend of fun and be quite horrible depending on the ferocity.  If the infection spreads to a partner, then it's just that little bit worse.  I hope no one would wear this all day cos that would be kinda ick and odd.  And you neglected the issue that saliva starts breaking down sugars right away which is why saving a ring pop is nasty - it turns all gummy and horrible.  And then there are all the other activities that might be happening in addition to the consumption which complicate matters further and make a yeast infection almost inevitable.
Sugar, fat, (light) products?

Eat less of it and you'll be fine. (It's not very much in this case...)
In this very nice instructable, it's about teasing, not eating. (Those calories will be "worked" away later...)
From my perspective, yeast "infection" is the goal. Or how would you produce a decent beer / champagne / bread otherwise ? ;-)
Yes, i know the difference. That's why the ;-) is there and i brew beer and bake bread.
Ya....  that kinda makes it gross though...  My husband also brews beer, and he worries about "wild yeast" getting into his "batch".  Ew.
Yeah, I don't know what thats about. Over and out on this comment chain. In our bodies that kind of wild yeast is not the same as the wild yeast that you can gather from certain grains in the actual wild.
But I suppose each to their own??
I suppose this is done already, but.... A yeast infection is a fungus. Not a bacteria. O_o
I think AngryRedhead's link was addressing that, but to be honest, I didn't notice. thanks
Yes, in both cases, the candida-type of yeast is unwanted.
:\ Have you ever *had* a yeast infection?
Ok, very valid point I humbly admit.. but I would argue the list of "horrible things" ranges from 'dismembered by axe murderer' to yeast infection. In that sense, some clarification is of value.
Heh. Well, sure, the scale you're using does matter...but unless we're including genocides or war crimes or something, (especially if we're going by personal, subjective pain! D: ) I'd place a yeast infection somewhere in the middle, definitely not the low end. :-P
:-P, honestly I think you're probably right.

NOTICE: **Yeast Infection are bad :-(. Use sugar-less licorice laces.**
aeray4 years ago
It's pretty cold where I live. How about a felted cotton-candy union suit as a follow-up?
chabias aeray4 years ago
Yes!!! Fantastic idea!
Warlrosity4 years ago
Oh, good. I've been looking for these.
Desttroy44 years ago
lol nice :D
pdub774 years ago
Very well done and very classy. I see nothing pornographic about this. Suggestive? Yes. But most television programs will garner more innuendos than this ever would. Most of the comments aren't even from PRO members. . .
pyro515 pdub774 years ago
Whats wrong about not being a "pro" member?
Absolutely nothing. PRO does not denote better quality of comments, better quality of instructables, professional aptitude, special privileges, higher status on this website, or anything else other than disposable income.
I agree and misspoke. I apologize.
Sl0whand4 years ago
Thank you for sharing!
Kiteman4 years ago
Attempts to think of non-tacky, family-friendly comment of praise.


ynze Kiteman4 years ago
LOL. You get a patch for the Best Comment Ever!
Kiteman ynze4 years ago
Haha, thank you!
ilpug Kiteman4 years ago
your failure is a win. i too went through the same mental struggle.
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