Step 1: Materials

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The Materials you will need to make this project:

1. Knifty Knitter set of knitting looms.
These come in 4 sizes, for this project I am using the smallest loom (the blue one) but you can use any size. I have made larger eyeballs using the green loom.

2. Yarn- I am using Lion Brand Vanna's Choice. If you are using one of the larger looms you will want to either use thicker yarn (bulky weight) or use a double strand of worsted weight.
1 skein of white yarn
1 skein of black yarn (you won't use very much black so if you have some leftover from another project that is perfect)
1 skein of blue yarn (or brown or green, whatever eye color you want to make)
1 small skein of red yarn or red embroidery floss, I used Sugar 'n' Cream crochet yarn.

3. scissors

4. Poly fiberfill stuffing
ducttaped5 years ago
can you do this w/  needles. because i never learned to use the loom and from what i hear, loom knitting isnt real. can you do it with needles though?

Yes you can, I have some instructions below.

DIRECTIONS: Cast on 28 stitches.

Row 1--Knit 20 stitches--turn.

Row 2--Knit 12 stitches--turn


Row 3--Knit 14 stitches--turn.

Row 4--Knit 16 stitches--turn


Row 5--Knit 18 stitches--turn.

Row 6--Knit 20 stitches--turn


Row 7--Knit 22 stitches--turn


Row 8--Knit 24 stitches--turn.

Row 9--Knit 26 stitches--turn.

Row 10-Knit 28 stitches--turn.

Pick up 2nd color, Tie on, carry along or break off & knit 2nd wedge.

Repeat pattern, alternating colors until there are 5 wedges of each.

Stuff with polyester fiberfil and sew seam.

3 colors can be used by knitting two rows of a 4th color

and only making 9 wedges.

(When using three colors--one gets 12 wedges).

Here ya go..... Each can be made of scrap yarn.

Baby Ball

You can also reduce the size, by subtracting either 2,4,6,8 stiches from each of the above.

SUPPLIES: - baby yarn or 4 ply worsted weight

- #4 or #5 needles

- Use contrasting colors and alternate wedges