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Introduction: Knitted Kebaya for Lion Brand Challenge

OK, here goes.
You probably wonder "What's a kebaya?". So I'll tell you about it first. Kebaya is an Indonesian traditional women's clothing. It's basically a blouse, usually made of sheer fabrics with lace, brocade, wore with a bustier, paired with batik cloth, and usually wore on special occasions like weddings, graduation day, etc. I love this type of clothing because it's very figure flattering.
Anyway, as an Indonesian living abroad, I wanted to knit something that is very Indonesian, because knitting has never been a part of our culture, if only a very very small part. So I made this one as a tribute to my roots.

I used light worsted 100% rayon yarn because Indonesia is a tropical country, so the yarn has to be suitable for its climate. The red color and the glimmering shine of rayon add an elegant and luxury feel to it, after all it's for special occasions.

I made the pattern myself (I think there has never been any knitting pattern of kebaya anywhere), and knitted it with a pair of #6 needles. For finishing, I crocheted the body's edging, button loops, and the buttons.
It can be made without buttons too, simply use a brooch or corsage (I used knitted flower corsage in matching color) for closure.



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    Awesome, are you offering the pattern at all? Thanks

    Can i have the pattern for this kebaya???

    Beautiful, I love it! The traditional kebaya is a beautiful thing - it's neat to see a knitted version. Please tell me you took notes on the pattern! If you'd like to share I would love to try it.

    Yes, the traditional kebaya is a beautiful thing. I love it so much. I intend to knit some more versions of kebaya in the future. I have schematics of the pattern, I'm still working on writing the full pattern. I made it in one size (mine -- small), but I'm trying to rewrite the pattern in several sizes.

    I also would love the pattern, it is so beautiful. melody

    Please do send me the pattern This is gorgeous. helenkosingsATcomcastDOTnet

    I would love to have the pattern as well. Thank You. Email address:

    so very beautiful , could i have the pattern. thanks in advance diana

    Cantik sekali kebaya anda..How much do you charge to make one? TQ.

    Woo.. Sesama orang indo... can i have the pattern too?

    my email is sha2_g9ATyahooDOTcom