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Introduction: Knitted Moustache

Here's an instructable to make your very own knitted upper lip warmer. Perfect for fancy dress and birthday pressies for men (or women). Very quick to make, little knitting skills needed! Have a look at a few picture of people wearing ones I've made, stylish eh?

Step 1: You Will Need...

For this make you will need:

2 knitting needles
I used UK size 4

Some wool
I used some of a 100g grey DK ball

I used grey felt meant for felting

Wool sewing needle
I used a sewing needle with a big eye

The knitting skills you will need:
Casting On
Binding Off
Knitting 2 together
Knitting 1 front and back

Step 2: Pattern

Knit two of these in your chosen wool:

CO 1
K1, K1F&B
K1, K2F&B
BO1, K to last 1, K1F&B
BO1, K to last 1, K2F&B
K to last 1, K1F&B
K1F&B, K to last 1, K1F&B
K2F&B, K to end
K2F&B, K to end
BO1, K to last 4, K2tog(x2)
BO1, K to last 4, K2tog(x2)
BO1, K1, K2tog(x2)
K1, K3F&B
K1F&B, K to last 2, K2F&B
K1F&B, K to last 2, K2F&B
K2tog(x2), K to end
K2tog(x2), K to end
K2tog(x2), K to last 2, K2tog
K to last 2, K2tog
K1F&B, K to last 4, K2tog(x2)
K1F&B, K to last 2, K2tog
K1, K2tog(x2)
K1, K2tog

Step 3: Assemble

Place the two sides together and sew around the edge leaving a bit of a gap to stuff it.

Stuff it with felt of other fluffy stuff then sew up the remaining edge

Cut away any fluff or remaining long wool bits you have left over

Attach two loops of wool to each side of the tips of the moustache. These must be long enough to fit over your ears.

Wear, look smart, pose and take photos for all to see!



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These are awesome! I've made one for a Christmas present, and plan to make several more of different varieties. As a side note, I ended up using worsted weight yarn and size 2 needles. It did work, but it took some getting used to:P

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They ended up smaller than expected, so instead of using the yarn to wrap around the ear, i used thin-ish white thread, which was near invisible!

First of all, I love this Instructable, it makes the most fantastic gift! However, while knitting my second mustache according to this pattern, I noticed that the instruction "K2tog(x2), K to last 2, K2tog" between the P9 and P7 on the second half of the mustache causes you to reduce by 3 knits instead of the 2 needed. Just a suggestion, but you may want to amend this to aid future mustache-makers. Once again though, fantastic Instructable and thank you for the pattern.

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How did you rectify this? I'm new to knitting and I'm not sure which K2tog would be best to ignore.
I tried to knit my first side and I must have missed a row in the middle because my 'stache halves are inverted opposites instead of reflective opposites. Oops!

I'll answer the question first then explain. Replace the step I highlighted with "K2tog, K to last 2, K2tog".

No worries - I'm new to this too. Since the K2tog when you're decrementing stitches is the reverse of the K1F&B when you're incrementing stitches, I followed the reverse of the step "K1F&B, K to last 1, K1F&B" between the steps P7 and P9. In less complex terms, you "K2tog, K to last 2, K2tog". Unfortunately I don't think that alone will rectify the inverted 'stache. Good luck though!

I just realized I never shared the one I made from your pattern :)


These were so much easier than I thought they would be! Made them for all my friends for Christmas. My only complaint is that they turned out a lot bigger than they look in the pictures. Here's my friend wearing hers!

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It's possible that your gauge was too loose.

You might have used yarn that is way thicker than the yarn he used? or you used needles that were way larger?

I love these, I made one for my friend for her birthday and am thinking of making more to just put on things in people's homes when I visit just to mess with them

This is such an excellent pattern! I loved it so much I made a crocheted monocle to match!

knit the front and back, like knit the stitch, don't pull it off the needle, and then just knit the back of the stitch

This is amazing!! I'm making one in every color I have for my Dad for Christmas! I did an I-cord to put around the ears and it worked pretty well too. Thanks for the great pattern!

Is there a video for this because I'm completely lost. I end up having three loops after the first stitch and I am just so frusterated with this >:(

Is there a way to make Nigel Thornberry's mustache? And how do you read the instructions? Like, are the numbers how many stitches or is it how many rows?

I stumbled upon this a few weeks ago and immediately thought, "OH, MY GOSH, YES!"
I saved the website and finally made one today :)
There were a few mistakes in your instructions, but I fixed them and mine came out satisfactorily.
I'm very pleased :)

And I can't upload a picture of mine for some reason :/
If it works later I might post it :)

wow my sis wants a mustashe

I have extreme moustache envy, this made me very happy.

Picture 3.jpg

This is so phenomenal! I was wondering if you had any other mustache types? Like my boyfriend is completely obsessed with mustaches and so im trying to knit a bunch of different super mario, fu man chu, cowboy mustache. Would you have any idea where to get patterns or how to make patterns for these?