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Introduction: Knitted QR Code

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To start this off, I found an online QR code generator. On this occasion, I used Kaywa, and entered the text "Home Sweet Home". The code it generated fitted a 25 x 25 square. Unfortunately, when knitting, the stitches aren't true squares, and because I wanted the item knit in stocking stitch rather than garter (for a smooth finish), I had to allow for the stitches to be bigger to square them off. I copied the generated code into a spreadsheet, having resized the cells to be square, and went from there...

The first time around, I made the mistake of copying my code exactly,while I should have duplicated each square at that point. If you're generating your own pattern, try to remember to double the stiches - it makes it much easier when working! (the uploaded pattern has been updated,and shows it as it should be knit)

Step 1: Knit the Piece

This piece requires a couple of skills to make it work - being able to cast on, knit, purl, bind off, and work some form of colour work. I don't have any form of instructions for these processes at the moment, but there's lots online if you need them.

The pattern I created has a garter stitch border, created by knitting 3 rows before beginning the pattern, and then adding a simple "knit 3" at the start and end of each row - I've allowed for this in the 60 stitch cast on.

The pattern here was created using the chart drawn up in excel, that was then copied into powerpoint, written instructions added, and saved as a pdf.

Step 2: Block and Display!

Because the QR code needs to be as square as possible to work, you'll need to block it pretty intensly. I soaked my piece in a sink of warm water, and then stretched and pinned it onto a carpet tile to dry. After that it was fixed into a frame and given as a gift to a friend - sadly, no photos of this, his birthday snuck up too quickly!



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    Congratulations on being a finalist in the fiber arts contest!! Good luck to you!

    Thank you! I'm very excited! :)

    Nice! Using excel was a good idea. Very easy to use!

    Thanks. I tried to use a cross stitch pattern generator, but it pulled the image out of proportion slightly, and I wasn't particularly happy with the results. Stick with what you know!

    really great idea to bring QR in it , i could never ever think of it

    Yes it does :)

    The photos do/did work as well, but for some reason, my uploaded versions aren't working, which is confusing................