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Introduction: Knitted Scrub Mitten and Wash Cloth

This last minute gift is something you can knit pretty quickly with some cotton yarn you may have somewhere at home (most knitters have a yarn stash, be honest ;)). I combined it with a cute little soap, but you can also make your own scrub (check how I made my own scrub) and make a diy beauty gift package.

Step 1: What You Need

- 2 balls of cotton yarn (for the mitten I used thicker yarn)

- knitting needles (I used 5mm and 7 mm)

- tapestry needle

Step 2: Gauge

This pattern is loosely based on the pattern from Garnstudio.

Gauge is not really important, just don't make the mitten too small, because in the end your hand will not fit. My gauge was about 13-14 stitches in 10 cm. For the wash cloth it doesn't matter.

Step 3: What You Do

For the Wash Cloth
> Knit with double cotton thread on 5 mm needles

> CO 36 stitches (or more if you want a large wash cloth)

> Knit in garter stitch (just keep on knitting front and back)

> Knit until the sides are as long as the knitting is wide, then bind off

> Sew in ends

For the Scrub Mitten

> Knit with double cotton thread on 7 mm needles

> CO 45 stitches

> Work the first row as follow: K15, bind off 15 st (by using this technique) K15

> Join in a round, do not twist the knitting, and work in 'K1, P2' rib for 10 rounds

> Next round decrease 4 st evenly while knitting all stitches

> Now work in 'P1 round, K1 round' until piece measures 21 cm from CO edge

> Close the mitten with the kitchener stitch

> Sew in ends



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