Knitted Sofa Throw


Introduction: Knitted Sofa Throw

This was my third project as a beginning knitter. I made this for my living room to add a little bit of color.

I made this throw using the basic knit stitch. This throw is made up of 36 six inch squares. After knitting each square, I sewed each one together alternating the two colors. For this project, I used Red Heart yarn in buff and burgundy and a size 10 1/2 knitting needle.



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    I was just wondering how you sewed them together. I am trying to make this and I am a little confused about what type of stitch would look the best.
    Thank you, looks wonderful and very cozy

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    This was one of my first knitting projects that I had ever done. I just put each square and sewed them together, but there are other ways you could attach them.

    I'm not sure what you are trying to download. There is just the pictures and and simple text for this.

    how can i save any pictures and the steps to make

    Try to add as a favorite.

    wow, when I saw this instructable, I thought someone had taken photo's of a blanket I made years ago and posted them =P I think I made mine exactly like yours, basic garter stitch, and is 6x8 6 inch squares, in red and yellow.

    Small world hey? =)

    My Mother-in-Law makes them just like that and they are very useful for 'Throws' and Blankets. We actaually have a few very similar to the one you have made. We Love them and the kids do too!!

    Very simple and easy too. Agreeing with kennydbt, this could put some color into any (and I mean any!) room.

    I like this one simple but very nice will help put a bit of colour in any room.