Step 6: The Last Flap

This step is the easiest - just keep going with the knit two rows perl two rows pattern from wherever you left off on the binding off row. Continue going for another four inches When you get to a row where the first big tail of yarn is on your left, bind off. you should end up with sort of a "z" shape.
<p>I was so excited about finding this pattern...I love reusing thing and not buying refills and most of all excited about saving money. However I found one problem witth the pattern. With the new swiffer the fluid squirts from two openings on the front of the head of the mop. ...and now, those openings are covered by the mop pad. :( Any solutions?</p>
I have the plain Swiffer that doesn't squirt, so I really didn't account for that, but maybe what you could do is measure where the nozzles are for the cleaning fluid, and knit in a button hole at that location.
Yes I had considered doing that. I will have to make another one and use this one as a model to mark exactly where the holes need to be.<br>
I love this! Great idea!
This is very clever. I actually have a hand swiffer that needs a pad. What a great idea; I love that you made it one piece, too.
This is a fantastic alternative to the sewn ones! Great pictures too!

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