Picture of Knitted Zebra
I made this because I'm currently addicted to knitting amigurumi and want to challenge myself to make amigurumi with stranded knitting. I got the idea to make a zebra (its head...) from my son's book titled Zoo, with a zebra head on the cover.

I made it using 1 skein of black Lion Brand Wool Ease and 1 skein of white Vanna's Choice, size 5 needles (dpns & circular). No pattern. I just 'sculpted" the head as I go.

Did they do a Kenyan remake of the Godfather? This is amazing!
Amazing! What an awesome creation!
motherbones5 years ago
AARGH!!!  I have visions of the "Godfather!"....LOLOL     Excellent job...I envy your knitting skills.
i was thinking stick it in someones bed lol
dendidong (author)  motherbones5 years ago
hahahaha...I know! Only it's in zebra version...LOL
thanks for the comment
Metrica5 years ago
So, what do you say to making the rest of him? He looks so alive!
dendidong (author)  Metrica5 years ago
Thanks Metrica!
No, I think I'll just put a stick on it and make it a stick pony...errr...stick zebra for my kids..:D
Metrica5 years ago
Wow! The thumbnail picture doesn't do it justice! It's shockingly good!