I made this because I'm currently addicted to knitting amigurumi and want to challenge myself to make amigurumi with stranded knitting. I got the idea to make a zebra (its head...) from my son's book titled Zoo, with a zebra head on the cover.

I made it using 1 skein of black Lion Brand Wool Ease and 1 skein of white Vanna's Choice, size 5 needles (dpns & circular). No pattern. I just 'sculpted" the head as I go.

Did they do a Kenyan remake of the Godfather? This is amazing!
Amazing! What an awesome creation!
AARGH!!!  I have visions of the "Godfather!"....LOLOL     Excellent job...I envy your knitting skills.
i was thinking stick it in someones bed lol
hahahaha...I know! Only it's in zebra version...LOL<br /> thanks for the comment<br />
So, what do you say to making the rest of him? He looks so alive!<br />
Thanks Metrica!<br /> No, I think I'll just put a stick on it and make it a stick pony...errr...stick zebra for my kids..:D<br />
Wow! The thumbnail picture doesn't do it justice! It's shockingly good!<br />

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