The yellow sweater if from Sandnes pattern book. It is called yellow Jacket with fur. I made this for my neice but found out she is having a boy. This sweater is done with a knot stitch, and is made out of cotton yarn and fun fur. The green outfit is my first knitted baby outfit. I used sport weight baby yarn, I am saving this for my first grandbaby. My pattern I used was from one of those free ones you get from the yarn section.
How can I get these patterns/instructions?
the fun fur jacket is great. Can you share the pattern for the baby pants? I have been looking for a simple pattern but haven't found one. Also, if you search engine "5 hour Baby sweater" you will find a great simple and quick baby cardigan. Only thing is you have to concentrate on your count.
thank you
Cute, they look very warmish!
you can do a lot of fun things with fun fur!

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