Knitted Wedding Cake


Introduction: Knitted Wedding Cake

This i smy entry for the "build with yarn" contest,a completely knittted wedding cake.



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    In case you want to make one too, this pattern is for sale as an instant download from

    I would like to purchase this pattern for weddings in June and September....thank you. pt

    What a great wedding gift! I bet you get a lot of requests for more.

    yes, it was made for a specific wedding, it is for my partners sister. shes getting wed in may, and has no idea i have made this for her :)

    This is really cute!
    This is why I need to learn to knit. You get such a better look than with crocheting.

    This is great! Adorable! Good luck.

    This is so cute! A great way to save a cake topper without the freezer. ;)
    Did you make this for a specific wedding?