Hello there ^_^
This is my first instructable. Hope you like it..

I made this cat in the hat based on this pattern: http://geobabe.livejournal.com/195349.html
Had to proportion it down to get the smaller kitten. 

cast on 5
rows 1-4: knit
row 5: k1, k2tog knit to end
row 6: k1, k2tog, knit (change colors here)
row 7: k1, k1fb, knit
row 8: k1, k1fb, knit
row 9-12: knit
cast off

cast on 8
knit 16
cast off

cast 6
knit 3

hat brim
cast on 2
k1fb, knit to last one, k1fb
knit to end
knit to end
k2tog,knit to last two, k2tog
bind off

hat top
1:cast on 6
2:knit 3 rows
3:k2tog, knit to last two, k2tog
4:(change colors)
repeat 2-4 twice
bind off

Sew all the pieces together. (follow the pattern in the link for the body)

Enjoy sweet tiny yarn creations of cuddliness.

I entered them in the 2012 Amigurumi Contest!
they're so cute!!!!<3
So cute! Love his hat :)
Thanks a lot ^_^
They are so sweet!
Thank you :)

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