Picture of Knitting Lessons: The Knit Stitch

The most common styles of knitting are the American and Continental styles. In the American style you hold the yarn in your right hand and use your right hand to move the yarn. In Continental style you use your left hand to hold and move the yarn.

I, like most people, prefer using the Continental style because I find it easier to work the yarn with my left hand. Try out both technique and see what works best for you. It is good to know both techniques when you learn combination knitting.

I suggest using wooden needles for beginners.

For more knitting tutorials visit my page: Carleyy.

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Step 1: Continental Knit Stitch

Picture of Continental Knit Stitch
Continental Knit Stitch: Hold Yarn in Left Hand
  1. Start with your work to the right of your left needle.
  2. With the ball of yarn to the left of you, hold the yarn in your left hand. I like to wrap the yarn around my pinky and pointer fingers (do whatever feels most comfortable to hold it in your left hand)
  3. Take second needle in your right hand.  Bring the needle up through the bottom of the top stitch on your left needle.  Your right needle should be behind your left needle.
  4. With your left hand, wrap the yarn around your right needle.
  5. Pull the yarn back through the top stitch.
  6. Slide the top stitch on the left needle off the needle.
  7. You now have a new stitch on your right needle.
  8. To continue, repeat from step 3