Introduction: Knitting Lessons: the Purl Stitch

Knit Stitches and Purl Stitches make up almost all types of knitting stitches and patterns. Once you learn both you can knit all types of decorative stitches into your projects!

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I suggest using wooden needles for beginners.

Purl Stitch - For the knit stitch you start with the yarn behind the left needle. You passed the right needle up through the bottom of the stitch on your left needle so your right needle was behind your left needle.

  1. For the Purl Stitch you start with the yarn in front of your left needle. Pass your right needle down through the top of the stitch on your left needle so your right needle is in front of your left needle.
  2. Using either the continental or american method, wrap the yarn around the tip of your right needle.
  3. Bring your right needle through the top stitch on your left needle and draw the yarn through.
  4. Pull the stitch off your left needle and you now have a new purl stitch on your right needle.
  5. To continue, repeat from step 1


mapleminx15 (author)2017-01-20

Very helpful.

LisaH2 (author)2014-09-23

You were really clear, I can't wait to try this.

Carleyy (author)LisaH22014-09-24

Awesome! Share pics of what you make!

loompiggytutorials (author)2014-08-04

I really love this stitch! It's awesome! Great job=P



snoopindaweb (author)2014-08-05

~:- }

lebowski (author)2014-08-03

Super helpful!

sissy19568 (author)2012-02-13

This was incredibly helpful thank you (:

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