These are bracelets made out of old knitting needles.

Step 1: The Tools

Knitting needles (these will be ruined)
Steel block
Rubber block
Rolling pin
Jewelry hammers
Metal stamping (heavy one)
Rounded hammer


Step 2: Pound Flat

Pound out your knitting needle flat using the heavy hammer(metal stamping) Flip over and repeat.

*For the thin dense ones skip to step 5.

Step 3: Bend Round by Hand

Using the rolling pin start to shape the bracelet by bending around.

Step 4: Hammer Smooth

Using the rounded hammer pound the bracelet around the rolling pin to make it nice and round.

Pull apart to desired size.

Step 5: Double Plier Method

If you have some thinner, more dense needles, use two pairs of pliers (best with pads or add padding) and bend around the rolling pin.

Use one pair of pliers to hold and the other to do the bending.

You can also use a rubber hammer to smooth it out.

<p>are knitting needles a hollow tube?</p>
Some are. The blue ones I use in my instructable are hollow, the purple ones I use are not. For non hollow I have included a second method in step 5.

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