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About: I'm originally from Germany, born and raised there. That's also where I learned to knit and crochet, in second grade. During my younger years I thought of it as the most boring thing to do. I used to watc...

Being young and disabled has lent to too many hours of boredom so knitting was a way to escape and use up some of those hours. Knitting has also given me a way to relax and to not think about the daily pains I have since my mind is concentrating what I'm working on. In the recent months I have also started designing my own patterns which you will see quite a bit of here. I hope you enjoy the slideshow :)

I have knitted Alan Dart patterns and just LOVE his designs. Patterns are from various places like magazines, books............just whatever I can get my hands on. I have some wonderful friends who have given me yarn and that's what keeps me going. Most of the things I knit, I usually give away and don't really have much left except for my socks..........LOL. If by chance you do like some of my original designs, I have a couple of free patterns too but everything can be found at



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    Hello ~ attempted accessing your other patterns, to check them out, it states; your page is "frozen"?...maybe you're in there, (and this is why)? But incase, that's not the case, you've been informed!

    Thanks. Looking forward to your other ideas.


    I'm still new to knitting. Really love your animals how long did it take you to learn to make them?

    Your stuff is great! It is always fun to see what others are making out there. I consider myself a high beginner, although some with looser definitions of knitting levels call me intermediate (no way). I am just starting with garments and cables and lace. I have never had such a wonderful time! What an amazing craft.

    I would love to learn how to crochet more than up and down. I see such beautiful things out there!

    I too, have been ill since childhood. Music, knitting, reading, and writing have been like life-breath to me! Forward!

    I love to site for knitters and crocheters. It is amazing and I have seen nothing like it!

    Thank you!

    i was searching for a free pattern for knitting bed slippers or clogs like you have knitted. Could you pls tell me where to find the pattern. thank you

    It is cool to find others who have gotten through hard times by knitting. I have had two back surgeries that have led to a permanent foot disability and have lost 3 pregnancies all in the last 2 years and I think if I hadn't been knitting or crocheting thorough it all I might have gone nuts by now. Keep it up, love your work! Keep making happiness!

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    I'm sorry to hear of your loss, I know how hard it is. I lost my son when he was only 2 days old due to a congenital heart defect. I thought life was over for some time. I just believe that all things happen for a reason, even if they're so hard it feels like it's going to tear you apart. Just keep on thinking positive, it's hard (I know, believe me........I'm bipolar to boot on top of everything else) But it's the only thing that will keep you going :o) We're all here for a reason and with a purpose, mine is to make others happy with my talents on fixing their computers or giving handmade items to those who may be in need

    You are certainly talented and prolific. The variety you exhibit is phenomenal. I have a very slight knowledge of knitting after helping my wife with knit snowmen for Christmas gifts. I can relate to "distraction from pain" From a disabled vet that took a while to find "my distraction" "Outstanding" is be the best single description. If you have an excess of items, maybe there is a V.A. hospital or other facility that is currently treating soldiers who would appreciate a gift that is hand made. I have an offer for you, but I do not know your situation and if my offer would create difficulty. I would like to send a gift card for Wal-Mart for you to obtain yarn for your projects I also challenge any other persons reading reply s to consider doing the same. I am sure that someone can help to keep your identity and location anonymous for obvious reasons. Jerry

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    right now me and a friend are working on making slippers for the Nursing home in town. I'm sure there are some Vets among the elderly gentlemen. There's no VA hospital close to where we are. And thank you for the compliments and you're very generous offer :)

    Everything is gorgeous! I especially like the sock keychains, those are very cute!

    that is AWESOME! the bag is great, the shoes look so comfortable, my feet are getting warm by just looking at your socks :), the teddybears are sooo cute and the thing i like the most is the red/white hat. its by far one of the best patterns i've ever seen!!!

    The Elvis bag is a One of a kind original of mine. I had joined a Christmas exchange in a knitting group and my partner is a HUGE Elvis fan so I wanted to make something special for her and the Elvis bag was born :o) She LOVED it.........hehehe

    Wow! That's a lot of knitting! Very nice stuff. I love the slippers. :)

    I really liked the closed toed sandals. Nice job. Be sure to keep your mind active, It does help alleviate the stress and pain (I speak from experience.) Best Wishes, L

    Dang - that Elvis bag is really nice! I couldn't figure it out at first, but then he just leaped out at me! :-)

    thank you everyone. I feel so honored to be featured. I went running around the house telling everyone...........LOL

    Great stuff, I do have to admit. Nice job, my parents would love these too, my dad always has slippers and stuff.. great job. +1 rating.

    That is really amazing. I feel inspired to learn to pearl. _

    Wow, that's some great stuff, you're really talented.