Knitting Baby Blankets




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Introduction: Knitting Baby Blankets

Diagonal Pattern Baby Blanket

I knit baby blankets for nieces, nephews, and friends when they have new babies. My favorite pattern is an easy garter stitch on the diagonal called appropriately "Diagonal Pattern Baby Blanket" from Lion Brand Yarn. The two yarns that I like to use are Lion Brand Homespun and Red Hearts Baby Clouds because they make such an adorably soft blanket. I have made 12 blankets in the past two years and everyone loves them because they are so soft. And I like to make them because they are so quick and easy to make. Finished size is roughly 36". I use size 11" needles on the Homespun and 13" or 15" needles on the Baby Clouds.



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    The blanket says knitted and you mention size 11 needles, however when clicking on the pattern, it is for Crochet.   Is there a knitting instruction? 

    I love this diagonal pattern and yours are in really lovely colours.

    I have made several of this baby blankets, sometimes I use Lion yarns, sometimes I don't, and sometimes I use "baby colors" and sometimes I don't as many new mothers prefer primary colors or bright colors, but every time they are beautiful.

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    Thanks for the primary colors idea. I hadn't thought of that but that's a good idea. That way they can continue to use them as the child grows.

    Those are beautiful. Great job!

    Nice work. They look very warm. :-)