Step 2: Cutting Stuff! Attack That Tire, Baby.

To start, cut about ten inches from the tire. you can trim it to the size you want later. If you want it to look flashy and logo-fied inside the wallet., you can use the section with the tire maker's logo on it. I wanted mine to be basic black. So I chose the part of the sidewall that has the tire ratings molded into it, cause I thought that would look bitchin inside my wallet.
if your tire is a foldable type like mine, the bead is a soft material you can cut with scissors. If it's the more common regular type of tire, the bead has metal wire in it, and you'll need to use wire cutters.

cut off the tire beads, as in the photo. cut them as close to the edge as possible, since you need all of the sidewall to make the inside of the wallet.

Inner tube card holder:
Guess what? it turns out a fat tire inner tube is just the right size to fit a credit card inside of it!! I thought this was a pretty cool discovery. If you have multiple cards stacked inside one innner tube piece, its pretty easy to slide them in and out of it, yet the fit is snug enough that they absolutely won't fall out on their own.

I like the idea of using an inner tube for the inner part of a tire wallet. It's like you just cut a hunk out of your wheel and said 'heh, dat's my wallet!'

So, also cut out about the same length of inner tube. I trimmed mine further by folding it in half and cutting a semi circle or a v shape (last pic). this allows the card to fit inside but still have an opening so you can see the cards and easily get your fingers in there to grab 'em. If you want a stealthier look, you can keep them intact so the cards hide completely inside. I like that look too. But i recommend cutting at least one end so you can push the cards out (more about this to come, with pics, in a later step)--and that end will be hidden anyway in the finished wallet if you do it the way I do.
Ver awesome dude.
Mighty fine Instructable! This has inspired my creativity, for instructables yet to come. Thanks for giving me a reason to stash all those old tires!
very well done. funny and informative. amazing wallet. Although i don't plant to make the wallet (i already have about a dozen various DIY wallets I've made lying around) the impact sensors from shoes have inspired me to all kinds of stuff. I only have one thing to say. did you use backing washers on the rivets? it didnt look like it in the pictures, or if you did, I couldn't tell. Woulndt that make it possible for the rivets to pull through?<br>
ilpug, with this particular tire used the rubber is so hard that actually retained the rivets properly and they haven't popped through. this was a bonus because I wanted to keep the weight and bulk down. putting the rivet in the thick part of the tread rather than the groove helps. glad you were inspired by the impact light re-claim. would love to see what kind apps you've come up with for them.
Cool then, that is an added bonus. nicely done.
Awesome I live in a tree and drop my shit all the time. This is exactly what I need, if only I knew somebody handy enough to make me one?
this might be a slightly odd question, but why do you live in a tree?
you live in a tree and have a computer... awesome.. weird but awesome
Me like!! Must make!!
hello! i would first of all like to say this is the coolest wallet i have ever seen. i am definitely planning to make due to various local bike stores throwing away old tires, but i still need to acquire a rivet gun and rivets. what is the cheapest brand and what size rivets do you use? i cannot wait to make this!
5* for the comedy!<br />
you shold make one in the form of an i pod touch or i phone case.<br />
&nbsp;&nbsp;LOL. This is cool. Question though... since you're smacking it on the table to make them light up, and when on feet you have all of that weight on your side to make them light up, would it dropping to the floor actually be enough pressure to make the lights go off?
If you use grommets you can attach a chain for that real "biker" look.
Nice... ...and Pan's Labyrinth was pretty strange...
Strange may be a bit of an understatement...
And so it belongs<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/group/toughstuff/">https://www.instructables.com/group/toughstuff/</a><br/>
hey, i'm making one of these now, have you seen the innertube wallet instructable? i started making that and thought it would look awsum to cut up a tire as an outer.
great! i have, and i think they're a perfect match. post pics or make instructable of it. was thinking snaps might be a good closure fastener, or the magnetic method, which other instructablers claim doesn't erase credit cards.
like i said, i'm in the process of doing it now, the curve put in the innertube is proving to make it more difficult than i had thought. i will post pics when it's finished though :) i probably won't make a full instructable on it since it's mainly just combining to people's ideas, might ask if the author of the other wallet would be up for collaborating as i'm not using a sewing machine for mine. if i do i will make sure to add a link to this page.
This is a great idea. Very creative, and, (heh) quite 'stylish'.<br/><br/>It looks good, and is something I would consider making.<br/><br/>=D<br/>
idea for even more improvement: add sound to it and a (if you know how to make one) remote controlled low-voltage flat capacitor taser in case someone else decides to pick it up. or if your friends think it would be a good idea to hide your wallet.
Very cool looking. This would make a great impact resistant Ipod case too. I may have to make one. Thanks!
awesome idea!! i probably have some old tires laying around ;)
oh my freaking god this is too awesome!!!! this will make a great wallet for when dh mtbing...if it falls out your pocket it doesnt have a chance of loosing its grip in the dirt
temme one thing how do i cut da tire if it is not avaliable originally cut????
and i had the 99th rating!
This is AWESOME. I got to make one of these. like i said AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!
Thanks! I've found that some tires can be a lot tougher to mold to your wishes than others. I warn you, this can be a challenging project. I think the design could be improved by making it more complicated. Like really cutting up the tire and putting it on more of a frame. For this instructable I wanted to keep it really simple, and the choice of tire made a big difference. Look in the comments below for some good design suggestions people have made...
Very cool !! Great job.
this is great!!!
Excellent!!!!!!! 9/10!!!
WOW, man ... Wow. That looks pretty bad ass, I need to try that when I get a chance. Excellent job, very creative!
How can I keep the tire flat? The sidewall is thick, and it won't stay flat.
Oh yeah, it's kevlar reinforced, if that makes a difference.
not sure if it's the kevlar or not. hard to say w/o seeing it. It's true that some tires have really thick, springy sidewalls and may require a different design. I've been thinking that I'd like to add to the design so that it will get really flat with more tire types. My thought is to add light rigid rectanglular plates to the inside and rivet them in. these could be little stiff pieces of plastic or aluminum, and they would go behind the inner tube sleeves, right up against the inside of the tire. Really I think the best might be to combine my design with the magnetic closure of the 'bitchin inner tube wallet': <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/EWHFR7GF0X1RVBY/">https://www.instructables.com/id/EWHFR7GF0X1RVBY/</a> <br/>and put rivets (or bolts or thick thread or whatever you choose) all the way thru the metal plate and the tread. that way the wallet gets nice and flattened and has that great mag-closure. i thought about something along these lines originally, but didn't want the weight, and assumed magnets would be too dangerous to keep near mag-striped cards. i haven't played with hard drive magnets, but I know there are some nice flat rectangular neodymiums for sale on line.<br/>The mtb wallet is a pretty challenging design. it definitely gets easier after making one or two that you just assume won't turn out well, just to give yourself a feel for the medium and the particular tire. It's tricky, but I hope you can figure out a design you like. <br/><br/>Another thought is maybe try stitching it together. I thought about using a 'speedy stitching tool' (a sewing awl) rather than rivets. they're super handy:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.acehardware.com/sm-speedy-stitcher-and-reg-sewing-awl-kit-110--pi-1297138.html">http://www.acehardware.com/sm-speedy-stitcher-and-reg-sewing-awl-kit-110--pi-1297138.html</a><br/>
I don't have a picture, but I can see small fibers funning diagonal to the tread. Right now, I rubber banded the basic shape, and I put it under a ATV, where i'ts sitting now. I'll get back to you.
Okay, I took it out from under the ATV, and it did nothing. Anyway, I ended up sewing on pouches made of innertube with SMALL wire using pliers, a needle, and wax (for lubrication). It looks okay, but yours is better. What size innertube did you use?
If you look closely, you can see the wires in pics 3,5, and 6. In picture 5, you can see the Kevlar fibers runnung above the purple. Also in pics 4 and 5 you can see the purple additive that is supposed to stop leaking air.
Wow, Nice!! that turned out really cool. It looks like a perfect candidate to add the magnetic closure design of the 'bitchin inner tube wallet'. i like the idea to use snaps as well. nice use of the inner tube to make the pockets. thanks for uploading all the pics!
hey i love the wallet, and congratulations on winning the contest. I don't have a riveter, and was wondering if you could suggest a different way of fastening.
thanks! without a riveter, i suggest sewing with a 'speedy stitcher' or just a thick needle, or even possibly a sewing machine (might have to be industrial one, though). or, check out john smith's design here in the comments, sewn together with wire. another thing that comes to mind is metal grommets. these come in a little kit, and are essentially rivets that you hammer together by hand. very cool. also the riveter is a pretty cheap little hand tool as i recall, and really useful, should you be considering getting one.
Yo Guys... Might be a good call to bore a hole through both bits, and use a small electronics cable tie to hold the pieces together. Once you clip the extraneous length off the cable tie, you'll need to sand off the rough edges so it doesn't offer a hand- or pocket- or money-ripping burr. Blue skies love Roy
Another option would be to replace the smack LEDs with a programmable soundchip. With changeable phrases that go off when you smack it. Kind of like ring tones ;) Example: "Ziggy" from Quantum Leap you smack it and it whines to give up the money...
hehe could come back and bite your ass though, what if someone noticed because of the lights and then they stole it, when otherwise they might not notice it? But still good idea, especially for hitting people with
Awesome! I am so building this.<br/><br/><strong>Recommendation</strong>: get some of those super strong neodyium magnets from a dead hard drive, and mount them at the ends under the rubber, so when you close it, they snap together and hold it all shut. Don't get them too close to the CC mag strips tho. They are strong, but only at short distances. Hmm. Maybe a button snap would be better. Or maybe put a piece of metal on one side, where the cards will be, and the magnet on the other side.<br/>
Sounds Like a good why to erase your credit cards!! I like the the snap Idea better. Good Idea other wise!
great ideas. i'd love to see it.
Congratulations on the win! You deserved it! Great Instructable & unique design.

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