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Introduction: Knock Down Desk

About: I work in a 32mm cabinet shop, it's terrible.
I made this desk from Home Depot Douglas Fir. The top is held to the base with rare earth magnets and washers, the base is held together with bed hardware - no tools for assembly.

This project cost around $40.

There are simpler ways to assemble the base if you're not up for mortise bed hardware.  

The process pictures are low quality and I didn't take enough for a proper step-by-step.




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    Bummer the video is no longer available

    Awesome! Really love not needing tools to assemble the desk. Really great Idea! That looks like a great user experience.

    Nice design - If you make the legs a suitable size you could turn them on their side and put the top back to make a dual purpose work desk and coffee table as well.

    Nice design. I need a small hobby bench. This might be it.

    looking at the design, it looks like if you wanted to you could flip this and make it into a coffee table?
    if you can't that may be a cool revision for your next one now that all your relatives are going to ask you to build them one. add some bed hardware plates onto the center board of the end frames so the the back boards would become a lower shelf when it's a coffee table.

    how did you do the joinery? it looks like the back boards are plywood with 1x edgeing? did you use a drill press or a router for the bed plates? the top is glued 1x's?

    good job!

    really nice job! very clean details.

    Nice job. I love Lee Valley, a bit spendy sometimes, but worth it.