Picture of Knock, knock, Neo.
Everyone has made at least one time the Matrix batch file (the one that shows random numbers in bat file).
So I thought that I might make a file that does something different.
You might remember the scene where Neo is contacted via his PC screen.
So this bat file tries to create the same effect.
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Step 1:

Squag3 years ago
I took this code, modified it so it would spell out my friends name instead of "Neo" and delete itself after use, then put it on my friends desktop as: "Google Chrome".

Good times were had.
Tanmay Das (author)  Squag3 years ago
Glad you liked it.

By Friend's name do you mean the %userprofile% command?
No, but.... That's actually an amazing idea. Will update now.
GLaDOS V33 years ago
Preety cool