Picture of Knorkoon: The All-in-One Travel Utensil
That's the "K-Nork-Oon" for those of you curious of its pronunciation.

The idea for this began when I made a stop in a local outdoors store and saw the Light My Fire Spork.  Naturally, I didn't want to pay the price markup for something I thought I could make on my own with things I already have.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

Picture of Materials & Tools
You will need the following materials:
  • (1) metal spoon
  • (1) metal fork
  • (1) package J-B Weld two-part epoxy
You will need the following tools:
Just a friendly reminder: Always know the proper use of any of your equipment - read any manuals and take all safety precautions. Safety glasses are recommended in just about any endeavor including tools, so if you think you need them, WEAR THEM. I am not responsible if you hurt yourself attempting this project and I hope you don't.

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JayB74 months ago

very nice, thank you

Gedulisz1 year ago

Just made one myself! Will post pictures tommorow when 2-component adhesive is cured after 24 hours.

lclaiborne2 years ago
The "attach a full size fork and spoon with a rivet to swing apart..." What? You'll be eating with a double length fork! Just get a fork and spoon and put them in a tooth brush case.
lclaiborne2 years ago
I love the pattern on this, real silverware decoration makes it much more interesting than standard camping stuff. I'm leery of the knife edge too- but who goes camping without Real Serious Knives? No loss to leave it off.
fishinigami4 years ago
i dont know that that stuff is food safe... dont go poisoning yourself!
"When fully cured, J-B Weld is non-toxic"
frazeeg (author)  fishinigami4 years ago
The MSDS for J-B Weld is here.  It says the following:

INGESTION: Ingestion can cause gastrointestinal irritation, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

Overexposure to this material has apparently been known to cause the following effects in lab animals:
Eye damage, skin damage.

It's probably going to be ok if your epoxy point is sufficiently far from where your mouth will go.  And my thinking is that if it's hardened it will be harder for any of it to make its way into my GI tract.
There is a JB weld specially made for potable water pipes. It's non-toxic and won't leach. This and some carefull grinding and buffing to ensure all loose points are removed should address your concerns. FYI... Stress is toxic too.
nice one, Mate! Thanks! Gonna do this one.
I might need to try this out, but I'll have to try using my welder to put them together.
mjursic3 years ago
I'm going to go out and make one of these, but with some rivets instead. Nice instructable.
Awesome, I'm going to go convert all my silverware right now!
PeterGahm3 years ago
Ha, very cool idea! I will definitely be trying this one...
ClayChip3 years ago
I love the concept of this, but I know I wouldn't use it. It's the knife edge on the for that I'm not fond of. All I see is a trip to the Hospital after I slice the side of my mouth with the knife edge as I pull the fork out of my mouth. Clever idea and well done instructable.
XOIIO ClayChip3 years ago
I've never cut myself using a didning fork and I eat with them lently, this barely has an edge.
then why not make one without the knife edge
wobbler3 years ago
Kalibar074 years ago
i have to say i have looked all over this site for all kinds of different items to add to my survival collection.. this is definitely one i believe will be a great addition to my gear... great ible keep em commin
50-50 Kalibar073 years ago
In a survival situation who cares about a fork to eat your food?
Thrasym 50-503 years ago
Are you serious? Have you ever tried to eat a meal without a fork? Well worth the almost no space a "Knorkoon" takes up in a survival kit.

I can't imagine being anywhere, much less a survival situation, without a knife (Gibbs rule #9 and all) so I don't think I'd add the knife section. Otherwise, cool idea. I think I'll make one for my son.

Maybe I'll wrap the handle in stainless steel wire, to make sure it never comes apart (since I don't know about no welding...or any welders). Plus it'll make it thicker and nicer to hold I'd imagine. But I think JB Weld will hold almost forever under normal usage, don't you just love JB Weld? I'm ok saying I do. ")
bowdenja3 years ago
If you are worried about them coming apart use two rivets (not pop-rivets) and no JB weld............ but I think the JB Weld would be sufficent.

Very good instructable!
Yes such I yet didn't see. Vpechetlyaet. It is direct for all occasions.
I believe its called a spork
sporks are spoons and forks.
this one contains a knife and a bottle opener.
And if you want to be ambitious, braze them together!(only use steel for that though, most silverware seems to be the soft kind that would likely melt under a torch)
ilpug3 years ago
The universal FDS- food delivery system.
Grimmy Grim3 years ago
This is a good, fun project that has me thinking. Nothing in the cutlery drawer is safe...
urbanpirate4 years ago
think I am going to make a copy with a real weld where you used the JB.
frazeeg (author)  urbanpirate4 years ago
Sounds good! Please let us know how it works and post some pics when you have a finished product.
Just welded it together today. Simplified the design a bit since i always carry a knife or two and can make do without the can/bottle opener. Think I will call mine a foon
dumbguy4 years ago
THATS GOOD!!! Wish that I thought of it. Just one problem, the wife is still mad at me about the silverware. oops.
wobbler4 years ago
You could also make this fold maybe. Instead of welding the two together, use a rivet half way and make it so the fork spins back behind the spoon (the spoon would be the other way up from your diagram). Not sure if it would be rigid enough, but I think I'll have to try it (I'll add it to the list of the other 1000's of things I intend to try one day).

The inclusion of the bottle opener is pure genius though!
To help keep it in place a small, flattened "ring" could be moved up and down the "arms" after swinging it into place. When you want to swing it, simply slide the ring down to one end and by either the spoon or fork and it'll swing.
jmonty4 years ago
that is awesome. you should market that man
there is already a fork/spoon of similar design on the market.. its plastic you can buy them at Cabelas i have made a out 6 of these now though i welded mine rather than used epoxy its a great addition to my gear thanks for the Ible
Nubuun4 years ago
I Agree... YES
I made on with Gorilla Glue Instead, and I think it will work just as well. What do you think? Nice Instructable!
abditv4 years ago
ron24704 years ago
instead of knorkoon you should call it the sporkfe!
nikimda4 years ago
Great idea!
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