Introduction: Knot Guide

A few simple and popular knots to use; camping, surviving, boating, and surviving from zombies and many other uses.

I would like to thank Instructables for the Red Paracord that they provided me with from the Survivor Skills Challenge.  Check it out here Mine is the Deadfall.

Step 1: Bowline Knot

This knot is for making a loop, this loop will neither tighten nor loosen.

Step 2: Reef Knot (Square Knot)

This is a very popular knot, which can be used to secure a rope or line around an object or join two ropes together but this isn't the best option.

Step 3: Single Figure of Eight Knot

This knot is used create a loop in the rope. 

Step 4: Joining Ropes

If you're in the need to join two types of ropes together, this is the best way because it is tight and secure. 


Kiteman (author)2013-07-04

Have you done something odd to the photos? It's quite hard to tell which bight is on top and which is under.

Blechmen (author)Kiteman2013-07-04

I edited them around a bit, trying to achieve a bright photo with a white background

Kiteman (author)Blechmen2013-07-04


Maybe draw over the edges to make them stand out?

Blechmen (author)Kiteman2013-07-04

I could probably increase the shadows since i decreased them in the editing.

Kiteman (author)Blechmen2013-07-04


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