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A few simple and popular knots to use; camping, surviving, boating, and surviving from zombies and many other uses.

I would like to thank Instructables for the Red Paracord that they provided me with from the Survivor Skills Challenge.  Check it out here Mine is the Deadfall.
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Step 1: Bowline Knot

Picture of Bowline Knot
IMG_0648 copy.jpg
IMG_0649 copy.jpg
IMG_0650 copy.jpg
IMG_0651 copy.jpg
IMG_0652 copy.jpg
This knot is for making a loop, this loop will neither tighten nor loosen.

Step 2: Reef Knot (Square Knot)

This is a very popular knot, which can be used to secure a rope or line around an object or join two ropes together but this isn't the best option.

Step 3: Single Figure of Eight Knot

Picture of Single Figure of Eight Knot
IMG_0658 copy.jpg
IMG_0654 copy.jpg
IMG_0655 copy.jpg
IMG_0656 copy.jpg
This knot is used create a loop in the rope. 

Step 4: Joining Ropes

Picture of Joining Ropes
IMG_0659 copy.jpg
IMG_0662 copy.jpg
IMG_0663 copy.jpg
IMG_0664 copy.jpg
IMG_0665 copy.jpg
If you're in the need to join two types of ropes together, this is the best way because it is tight and secure. 
Kiteman1 year ago
Have you done something odd to the photos? It's quite hard to tell which bight is on top and which is under.
Blechmen (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
I edited them around a bit, trying to achieve a bright photo with a white background

Maybe draw over the edges to make them stand out?
Blechmen (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
I could probably increase the shadows since i decreased them in the editing.