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I just used some spare paracord I had laying around

Step 1:

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I started off with some orange paracord. Then for the braiding I used blue

Step 2:

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Then I started to make the loops for the knot. As I was starting to pull the knot tight I made sure it was going to fit around my wrist

Step 3:

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I then put it around a hook and pulled it tight. Next I weave the blue paracord in and out of the orange paracord

Step 4:

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Then I cut the loose pieces and burnt them so they wouldn't undo themselves

Step 5: And ​Here's the Outcome

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LukeRaley (author)2018-01-13

sorry about my legs in the making of the knots i had my legs crossed and didnt edit them out of the photos

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Bio: I'm a Texan living in South Africa as a missionary with my family working along side Samaria Mission
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