Picture of Knotted Chevron Statement Necklace - Two Ways
The word "macrame" conjures ideas of 70's plant hangers and wall art, but the techniques can be framed into all sort of aesthetics. These necklaces are made with double half hitch knots - essentially the same way that a lot of friendship bracelets are made. By varying the way the strands are worked you can create two very different kinds of stripe patterns. The repetition of one knot creates a nice texture for making patterns pop.
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Step 1: Supplies and Equipment

- straight pins
- sharp scissors
- cork tiles or other pinnable surface
- 4 skeins of embroidery floss (per necklace)
- needle with a large eye
- large jump rings
- chain
- jewelry making tools

For the navy version I used 4 standard DMC floss skeins - 2 skeins of 823, and one each of 931 and 415.

For the sand and blue version I used 4 standard DMC floss skeins - 2 skeins of 738, and one each of 3811 and 3808.

Step 2: Navy and Light Blue - Part 1

Picture of Navy and Light Blue - Part 1
Start out by cutting each skein into 8 equal pieces - half, then half, then half again.

Fold one in half, and pin it down as shown in the photos. Knot each additional strand into place following the diagram and photos below, ensuring that the center of the strand is at the center of the knot, so you have an equal tail on each side.

It took me a few tries with this knot to get it right and centered. Just keep knotting then taking it apart if it's not right - you'll get the hang of it pretty quickly!

The order is 15 strands of dark, 4 medium, 8 light, and 4 medium. Experiment with other patterns - all kinds of stripes would be pretty on this necklace!

Tie the two carrier strands together at the top.

The diagrams are not accurate to the strands/colors in the photo, fewer strands are show for convenience.

Beautiful necklace!

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beadinggem1 year ago

A really great tutorial - not just the design but the wonderful pictures and illustrations! Will share on my blog sometime!

The way this is made is so clever. :D I love making friendship bracelets, so I'm going to need to try this!