Step 7: Add the Chain & Wear It

Work the jump rings through near the top corners and attach your chain.

It's a good idea to measure the chain length you want in front of a mirror. Better yet, do it while wearing a shirt you would wear with the necklace. These are relatively large, so planning ahead for how to style it will make life easier later.

Once the chain and clasp are in place the necklace is ready to wear!
<p>Beautiful necklace!</p><p>Fashion jewelry supplier:http://www.shinytown-online.com/necklace-online-wholesale.html</p>
<p>A really great tutorial - not just the design but the wonderful pictures and illustrations! Will share on my blog sometime!</p>
The way this is made is so clever. :D I love making friendship bracelets, so I'm going to need to try this!

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