Step 5: More than a knife

Picture of More than a knife
A knife can be a useful tool on its own, but it works well with other tools, especially in a situation where one may not have all of the necessary equipment.

A big mention are fire steels. These tools have become one of the staples for campers and backpackers. While it may not be as easy and convenient as matches or a lighter, they offer an additional source of sparks that does not require fuel and will work when wet. Furthermore, most of them will come with a nice flat piece of metal, that can easily be replaced with the back edge of almost any knife.

Multitools are another variety of knife that are extremely popular. In addition to having an all purpose blade, a multitool will combine other useful tools ranging from saws and screwdrivers to tweezers and toothpicks. The trade off with multitools is that they will not be as streamlined or well behaved as a tool specifically designed for the task, but they have a multitude of tools readily available at any given time, where it would otherwise be necessary to carry a toolbox.
lekfx2 years ago
Here's a fun fact about survival knives: Swiss Army knives (real ones) have red plastic sides, or "scales". These are made from cellulose plastic. Old school, right? Well, there is a good reason for that material choice! Wen stranded at night, snap off the scale and light it with a lighter or other source of flame and it will burn with a BRIGHT ORANGE FLAME! That's right: it an emergency flare... Cool huh?