Picture of Knuckels Strawberry Chunk Float
Happy new year everyone! 

And to celebrate have one of my float from this instructabule :D

This Float is vary tasty and sweet, simply my favorite, Video bellow, enjoy. :D

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Step 1: Gather Ingredients and Tools

Picture of Gather Ingredients and Tools
 Ingredients and tools needed are listed below

Yarnell's Chunky Strawberry Sherbet
1 bottle of sprite 2 liter
Straws ( recommended )
Glasses Or Cups

Step 2: Add Sherbet

Picture of Add Sherbet
1. Begin by opening the container of sherbet.
2. Using a regular spoon scoop up two large sized balls of sherbet.

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Step 3: Add Sprite

Picture of Add Sprite
1. Begin this step by opening a bottle of Sprite
2. Now pore the sprite into the glasses we added the sherbet into in step 2, pore till foam reaches top of glass.
3. Let the foam settle then add extra Sprite if needed

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Step 4: Mixing time

Picture of Mixing time
1. Begin string with the spoon you used to add sherbet.
2. Preferably stop once overall color has changed

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Step 5: Add a Straw

Picture of Add a Straw
1. Simply open you package of straws, or just get a straw.
2. Then add the straw to the float, and now your finished.

Drink up! :P
knuckel (author) 4 years ago
More of my youtube :D
TSC4 years ago
knuckel (author)  TSC4 years ago
thx tsc :D
TSC knuckel4 years ago
Your welcome!
knuckel (author) 4 years ago
Whoot ! first featured instructional!
knuckel (author) 4 years ago
I hope everyone enjoys this instructabule :D
domo0 knuckel4 years ago
Awesome looks good:)
knuckel (author)  domo04 years ago
thx :D